Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: Nusiceva 3a, Centar, Terazije
Belgrade Phone: 011/3341-452, 064/5773-243

4.5/ 5stars

Dental studio dental office offers their patients high quality dental services to highest global standards using not only the most modern materials and tools but also methods and techniques.

We try to in addition to exceptional quality services offer our patients swift treatments that will not disrupt their responsibilities.

Our office offers the following services:

- Preventative dentistry

If we properly maintain the good health of your teeth there will never be a need for complicated and painful procedures. At our office we try not only to give our patients these services but also to educate them about proper dental care

- Aesthetic dentistry
To make your teeth as beautiful as they are healthy we offer teeth whitening services using the latest tools and methods, so that you can smile with confidence. In addition to teeth whitening we also offer the possibility of dental decoration and tatoos as well as reshaping asymmetric teeth (the process is fully painless and doesn't have long-lasting consequences)

- Paradontology

This service offers the possibility of treating one of the most common problems of the modern man which can often arise without noticing and cause huge problems. At our office we can take measure towards prevention, early detection and treatment of this disease.

- Jaw orthopedics

We have over 20 years of experience in this form of service. Furthermore our office can proudly say that under the leadership of Dr sci M. Obradovic we were among the pioneers of moder orthodontics in our country and abroad. 

- Implantology

The best and most modern way of compensating for lost teeth that provide the best imitation of the feel and pressure of natural teeth. We have excellent results and great experience in these services. 

- Tooth disease and endodontics

Early detection of teeth problems is the key step towards treating them. With the individual therapy plans adjusted to each patient individually as well as with the use of the latest Ni-Ti machines in our work we can guarantee successful intervention and prevention of future problems.

- Oral surgery

This area includes oral surgery services which are fully safe and painless with us. This includes teeth extraction, procedures on the roots, removal of cysts and their content, augmentation and many other services.

- Prosthetics
With the use of the latest technologies and materials we have for years successfully offered teeth and jaw reconstruction, making your smile special. Whether it's about resolving complex issues or asthetic prosthetics we are sure to find the best solution for you.