Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 34 Vespucijeva st., Bezanijska kosa
Belgrade Phone: 011/4090-176, 064/270-1010, 062/1795-154
E-mail: jjordinacija@gmail.com
Website: www.ordinacijajovanovic.rs

4.5/ 5stars

J-dental dental clinic is located in Bezanijska osa at 34 Vespucijeva street. The founder and owner of the clinic is Dr Jelena Jovanovic who has years of work experience and has graduated as a specialist in dental prosthetics.

J dental clinic offers all kinds of dental services:

- Endodontic treatments
- Dental prosthetics
- Aesthetic dentistry
- Oral surgery
- Parodontology
- Orthodontics
- Implantology

In the very pleasant ambiance of our clinic, our kind and professional treatment towards the patients will make every visit a pleasant one, every intervention painless, effective and swift with the use of the highest quality materials and at affordable prices. Our professional consultants are orthodontics and oral surgery specialists. Examinations are free of charge and your visits can be scheduled by phone.

Working hours:
- Workdays from 12PM - 8PM
- Thursdays from 9AM - 5PM (scheduling outside of working hours per agreement)