Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 72p/1 Dragoslava Srejovica st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 011/4112-419, 064/2455-925
E-mail: stomatolog.majacvetkovic@gmail.com
Website: www.stomatologmajacvetkovic.rs

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Dental practice Dr Maja Cvetkovic is located in Belgrade, Serbia, Dragoslava Srejovica 72p street.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 10 - 8 am, on Saturdays duty dentist from 10 - 15h.

Satisfaction of each patient is our first priority. Full attention is given to choosing quality dental equipment and the highest quality materials used in our work, protective equipment and the cleanliness of the dental office. Principal dentist is Dr Maja Cvetkovic, with many years of experience in the dental practice. We are proud of the fact that in addition to patients in Belgrade, we have a large number of patients from abroad that have recognized the quality of dental services that we offer and gave us their trust.

Dentist Consultation is FREE. Our dentist will have the right advice for you. Call us for any information you need.

See dental services Price List on our website and images of our works.

· Dentist consultation Free
· Ultrasonic Scaling,15 EUR
· White fillings, 25 EUR
· Amalgam fillings, 15 EUR
· White teeth upgrade, 35 EUR
· Root canal treatment (per canal), 15 EUR
· Teeth whitening, 100 EUR
· Acrylic dentures, 200 EUR
· Wisil dentures, 200 EUR
· Teeth extraction, 20 EUR
· Surgical Extractions, 100 EUR
· Zirconia Crown (Porcelain Crown), 200 EUR
· Metallo-Ceramic crown, 100 EUR

Contact us for all other prices and dental services (implants, bridges etc.). We will make special offer for you!

email: stomatolog.majacvetkovic@gmail.com

Possibility to pay by credit cards. We are partners of MedUNIQA health insurance.

Dental Practice Dr Maja Cvetkovic, Belgrade, provides services within the dental tourism. Why dental tourism in Serbia? The answer is simple, because of up to ten times lower prices for high quality dental services.The fact is that the high cost of dental services in Europe lead people to seek more affordable form of dental services and dental treatments. In our country dental tourism is in expansion primarily due to lower labor costs, lower administrative costs and the ability to use quality materials and to offer high quality dental services. You can rely on the services of our dental surgery in Belgrade, we offer you efficiency and quality. We will help you to organize accomodation in Belgrade, siteseeing during dental treatmen, and make your stay in Belgrade comfortable and very memorable. In Belgrade, there are a large number of hotels and appartments where you can stay. In addition for dental services over EUR 1500 we will provide you free lodging. And of course we are here for all the help you need ...

Recommendation of many of our satisfied patients are the best our reference.


Dental Practice Dr. Maja Cvetkovic, Belgrade

+381 64 2455925

+381 11 4112419

email: stomatolog.majacvetkovic@gmail.com

web: www.stomatologmajacvetkovic.rs

Come to our dental practice, visit Serbia and Belgrade, and take care of your teeth. Do not let the fear of the dentist or high cost of dental services in your country prevents you from having a beautiful and healthy teeth. Your satisfaction is our first prioritiy! Contact us.