Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 38 Bezanijska st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/2610-201, 060/55-000-63
E-mail: dentalcentarlukaorto@gmail.com
Website: www.snimanjezuba.com

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Zemunikum Ortho - digital panoramic X and individual dental imaging

ZemunikumOrto, x-ray diagnostic center, in the center of Zemun performed X-ray recording with the latest Sirona Siemens coffee with 50% less radiation than a standard x-ray machine. The combination of superior technology and our years of experience in this business, resulting in a superior digital snimike high resolution that can be issued in a movie, CD, or can be sent to your e-mail.

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It is located in the center of Zemun, in the mall Zemunikum through the department store Belgrade McDonalds at Main 18, Zemun.

The pleasant ambience ZemunikumOrto X-ray cabinet, with highly professional service in the shortest possible time, the latest generation of devices with significantly reduced radiation, can be made:
- Dental imaging
- Digital panoramic X
- Profile cephalometric

Digital panoramic X, panoramic shot jaw with the teeth is a basic snapshot of dentistry which replaces the dental record, you can see at a glance the state of the teeth and nearly everything is done on them. Digital panoramic X is one of the most common feature that dentists use for diagnostic purposes, and that the earlier decades avoided due to high radiation, but today, thanks to technological development and modern appliances that we use when taking radiation are minimal.

ORTOPAN digital - 1000.00 din
Cephalometric digital - 1000.00 din
SKANOGRAM by region - 1000.00 din
TM Joints - 1000.00 din
DENTAL VIDEO (intraoral 3x4cm) - 300,00 din
DENTAL VIDEO (digital on CD) - 350,00 din
Sending an e-mail - 100.00 din
Copy of the recording - 400.00 din