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Dental center “Luka Orto” is a dental x-ray diagnostics center in the heart of Zemun. We offer x-ray imaging using the latest generation device with up to 50% less radiation than the standard x-ray. The result of blending together latest generation technology and our own years of experience in this line of work are the highest quality digital images in high resolution that we can issue to you on film, CDs or send to your e-mail.


Find us in the center of Zemun, at 38 Bezanijska street.

In the pleasant ambiance of our dental center “Luka Orto” x-ray cabinet with the highly professional services you can receive the following in the shortest possible amount of time and significantly lower radiation:
- Dental imaging
- Digital orthopan
- Profile teleoptic x-ray

Digital panoramic x-ray, a panoramic shot of your entire jaw with all the teeth is the basic kind of imaging in dentistry which replaces the dental record. With just one look you can see the state of your teeth and almost all the work done on them. The digital panoramic x-ray is one of the most common types of imaging in dentistry, which had been used sparingly in the past because of high radiation concerns. However today, thanks to the technological development of the past years and modern devices we use, the radiation in our methods is reduced to a minimum.

CBCT cone beam computerized tomography

Is applied in oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, jaw orthopedics and has also found a use in otorhinolaryngology. It is a method of selection when it comes to planning and setting dental implants.

CBCT 3D imaging is used when classic 2D methods aren’t enough to set a diagnosis and plan an intervention.

This kind of imaging allows for the most precise insight into the condition of your face and jaw, teeth and roots, maxillary sinuses and jaw joints.

The use of CBCT imaging allows the dentists to more easily and with precision set a diagnosis and therapy plan, which results in better treatments.

Four field sizes allow us to x-ray targeted interest region so that we can get precise imaging with the least possible amount of radiation. 

In addition to the standard imaging programs in CBCT, Soredex also stands apart thanks to its specially designed  MINIDOSE imaging option which with the minimum amount of radiation (equivalent of 1/5 radiation of a classic panoramic x-ray) allows the dentist to obtain enough information about the desired segment of the oral region.

On the other end of the spectrum, Soredex offers the ENDO imaging program – an option that allows for imaging in the highest possible resolution which allows for an exceptional amount of detail that the dentists can’t get through other methods of radiography.

All imaging can be downloaded by dentists and patients in the electronic form of their choice – on the disk, flash memory or via e-mail.

Dentists then recieve OnDemand3D – a program for 3D diagnostics with special modules to diagnose the dental region – the temporomandibular joint, maxillary sinuses and for planning implants. The program is translated to Serbian, which facilitates work on 3D projects.

At our clinic for CBCT imaging we use the latest technology device CRANEX 3DX, made in 2018.


PANORAMIC X-RAY digital – 1800rsd
TELEOPTIC X-RAY digital – 1800rsd
SCANOGRAM per region – 1800rsd
T.M. joints – 1600rsd
DENTAL IMAGE (intra-oral 3x4cm digital – 1000rsd

S field 5x5 cm 3000,00 din
M field 6x8 cm 4000,00 din
L field 8x8 cm 4500,00 din
XL field 8x15 cm 5500,00 din

Mini dose 50% on the total price



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