Dermatovenerology Belgrade
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Skin center is a center for aesthetic dermatology, founded with the idea to use an all-inclusive approach and innovative methods of non-surgical rejuvenation to awaken and nurture your health and beauty. Skin Center improves itself constantly with the arrival of the latest discoveries in anti-aging medicine and grows with you every day. The founder of Skin Center is Dr Jasmina Vikalo, specialist of dermatovenerology.

A dermatologist who works in non-surgical rejuvenation is above all a doctor and has a moral obligation to never jeopardize their patient’s health and natural appearance. For this reason, we adhere to the principle of “less is more” in order to avoid exaggeration when applying hyaluronic fillers.

Your safety and wellbeing is prioritized above all, which is why we maintain the highest medical standards and use only clinically proven, high quality products.

We follow the latest technology and use FDA and CE certified technology which guarantee your safety.

We continuously improve our skills in the country and abroad, in order to apply the latest knowledge in aesthetic medicine.

Thanks to careful and dedicated listening we try to learn our clients’ true needs and suggest treatments that are the most efficient for you. At the same time we inform you about the advantages and flaws of every treatment individually in order for you to get the most insight and realistic expectations.

Love and knowledge must go hand in hand and mutual trust and respect are the precursor to success.

My vision

The foundation of anti-ageing procedures is encouraging natural regenerative processes so that the work on skin appearance includes enhancing the skin’s natural physiological functions which is proof of the important connection between health and beauty. My personal attitude, as a dermatologist working in anti-aging, is that nurturing our skin expresses our love and respect for ourselves and the end goal is not just to look pretty, but to be more responsible towards ourselves.

The skin as the material border is our exterior reality and the reflection of what is happening inside of our organism. Beauty is harmony between exterior and interior beauty and no matter where we start when it comes to self-care, we will get there. From outside to inside and vice-versa. This is why we treat skin care as the care of our entire being.


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