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General Practice Dr Ivan Radic is located on Voždovac
namely near Autokomanda at 120 Duke Stepe street, with an entrance from the street Jove Ilica .

General practice involves a wide range of medical services . From guidance on healthy lifestyles , through early detection and prevention , solving the most common health problems such as fever , respiratory , intestinal and urinary tract infections , high blood pressure , gastric problems etc. . , To monitoring and keeping under control advanced chronic diseases , your general practitioner has to be there for you .

Practice Dr Ivan Radic deals with health promotion , prevention and early detection of diseases , treatment of acute and chronic diseases and conditions , medical rehabilitation , while always take care of all needs and abilities of our patients .

General Practice Dr Ivan Radic cares about the health of their patients , their necessary and opportunities . Individual approach to each patient , we strive to devote sufficient time and attention to create trust between doctor and patient , in order to collect detailed information on the history of the disease and determine the appropriate treatment.

Services offered by our office :

- Examinations, consultations , administration of therapy
- ECG recording and analysis
- Infusion , injection ( i.m. , s.c. , i.v. )
- Inhalation , oxygen therapy
- Primary treatment of minor wounds
- Changing , removing stitches
- Review and rinse the ears
- Bioptron lamp
- A systematic review (review of the systems , ECG , basic blood and urine tests , interpretation of results , and conclusions )

No waiting in line , each patient is given enough time and without any rush and peace can talk , get detailed information about the disease , do a complete overview of the systems administered therapy with an explanation and the consent of the patient and advise on how to proceed and progress of the disease. If you for some reason inconvenient to come to the office or simply want comfort at home , are available to visit your home for 24 hours , in any part of the city , at very affordable prices .

The founder and the staff of the clinic , Dr. Ivan Radic with experience of working in an emergency room and passed the Advanced Life Support resuscitacionog exchange rate of the European Council , who is also an active member of the European Council resuscitacionog Serbia .

Quality that can be achieved in a private health protection should be available to everyone , and in accordance with this principle is established price list !

The office has a contract with a reputable laboratory and all laboratory tests can be done in the office ( from the simple , such as blood tests , swabs , urinalysis , urine culture , and the like . , To najsioženijih laboratory analysis)

It also has a contract with the diagnostic center , which is located near to where you can do a complete diagnosis without waiting ( ultrasound , CT , MRI , endoscopy ) at reasonable prices , with the option to pay in three installments by check .

If necessary, arrange and refer for specialist examinations .

Examinations may be scheduled by phone or you can come during office hours .
Since August ARE AVAILABLE IN PRACTICE examination and consultation PREVENTIVE MEDICINE SPECIALIST - weight-loss , for determination of body composition ( fat , water, skeletal muscle , basal metabolism ) with a detailed diet plan and nutrition. SUMMARY AND nutrition program is intended for all , athletes , persons wishing IMPLEMENT child , suffering from diabetes and OTHER chronically ill .

Be a part of our satisfied customers .