Doctor Belgrade

Address: 5 Majke Kujundzica st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/2420-240, 062/815-82-38

4/ 5stars

Specialised practice MEDICUS IN located near the Health Center Novi Beograd, and in the immediate vicinity of the Boulevard of King Alexander and Cvetkova market. The location provides easy access from all over the city and convenient place for parking cars. Practice has an entrance from the street so it is easy access to persons with wheelchairs.
Practice MEDICUS IN offers the following services: - all the specialist examinations in both the office and in home conditions of * Cardiology * Thoracic * Endocrinology * Gastroenterology * Nephrology * Rheumatology and all other specialties.
- overall diagnosis in both the office and in home conditions * ultrasound of the heart * ultrasound of the abdomen, pelvis, thyroid, breast, joints, muscles and other * Doppler blood vessels in the neck, arms, legs, transcranial, and more * Spirometry, pulse oximetry, dilatatorni test and other * ECG, holtrei ECG and pressure and other - the whole therapeutic procedure also in the office in home conditions * Infusion Therapy * inhalation therapy * Oxygen therapy * muscular therapy Prices of services are tailored to conditions in which people are currently living, and for home inspections, diagnosis and therapy at home for Zvezdara, Zemun, Novi Beograd and Mirjevo are slightly higher than in the office.
Opening hours The office is from 00 to 24 including weekends when our staff come by invitation. There is a free telephone consultation with a physician or nurse from 09 to 20 hours. Reviews are scheduled and usually can be scheduled on the same day when preparing for the diagnosis does not require otherwise.