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Domestic cuisine Belgrade
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Djuricic national cuisine restaurant was opened in the old 1995 in Karaburma Belgrade. The restaurant's menu has from the start been oriented towards traditional Serbian cuisine with emphasis on the traditional way of preparation. Our menu is extensive and has various entrees, all kinds of roasts with bones, all kinds of rolled roasted meat, barbecue. We prepare roasts using old recipes, in the traditional earth furnace in ground dishes using beech wood.

After 10 years we have started the first and currently the only authentic Serbian fast food brand - Cobanov Odmor, creating a recognizable name for the purpose of affirming Serbia and its traditional products. The restaurant is located in Vracar at 34 Vojvode Supljinca street and we deliver for free in the entire city with a minimal order price depending on the part of the city.

The success of Cobanov Odmor made us change the name of the restaurant into Cobanov Lad to make it clear that both restaurants belong to the same family. On warmer days our guests can use the beautiful and recently renovated garden as well as our parking lot and the pleasant atmosphere is completed by the light music of the acoustic orchestra.  For special occassions we prepare and serve food in our montae object with a garden whose design was inspired by the village lodges in western Serbia. The staff serves the food in traditional wear and enriches every event with the traditional spirit of Serbia.

We prepare roasts using old recipes, in the traditional earth furnace in ground dishes using beech wood. Our capacities let us also offer roasting service for various celebrations in addition to our usual offer. We offer exceptional and delicious pork, lamb, baby goat, veal or chicken meat, or we can roast the meat you bring. In addition to meat we also offer roasting services for all kinds of fish.

Among other services our restaurant Djuricic offers complete organization of all celebrations, weddings, formal dinners, cocktails, birthdays, christenings. Restaurant can seat up to 50 guests. We are able to offer you a high quality and diverse menu (various entrees, all kinds of roasts with bones, all kinds of rolled roasts and more as well as high quality services. Our restaurant is located in Karaburma, has a parking lot and a beautiful garden. All you need to do is contact us and we will make your wishes come true.

So that we can secure our position in the market and bring our offer into the home of our customers, we organize food delivery - barbecue, more specifically, to your home address in almost the entire city. The barbecue as fast food is available in any part of Belgrad 9AM - 11PM. In addition to the barbecue we can deliver various cooked meals in practical packaging with eating utensils.

We supply workers of many companies we cooperate with either by them coming to eat at our restaurant or as catering which we deliver to their workplace.

Djuricic restaurant can organize formal cocktail parties for you. We have years of experience in preparing, presenting and serving food for various formal occasions, celebrations, promotions and shows. In our offer we have various canapes with stuffings (fatty or lean), first class barbecue, entrees, home-baked pies and cornbread. If you want something sweet we have home-made small pastries, walnut cookies, dry pie, tulumbas, tufahijas and many other treats that will make your cocktail special. On top of all of this, our experienced serving staff are at your disposal throughout the cocktail. We also fulfill special requests so feel free to ask.

As one of the trends in Serbia when it comes to slava days, Djuricic restaurant can help you celebrate your family's slava day. We prepare fatty or lean meals. We can prepare food for the entire event or just one element like pastries, slava day bread, wheat, roast or anything you can't prepare yourself. We also listen to any special requests.

Contact: We are here to answer any questions you may have - just give us a call.

Address: 2b Hoze Martia street, Karaburma, 11060 Belgrade.
Phone: 011 277 44 01
Phone: 064 642 92 49