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Domestic cuisine Belgrade

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Talir national cuisine restaurant now in a new location and in a new edition – in the park of the ice hall Pionir.

Our pleasant garden can seat up to 100 guests on sunny days.

In our bright and pleasant ambiance decorated in pastel tones, enjoy the most delicious national cuisine that we prepare using our grandmothers’ recipes. Our guests can enjoy all kinds of national cuisine recipes with their families or business partners.

Every detail of our interior was designed in the spirit of our restaurant, down to the menus and calling cards which are shaped like coins – for good luck.

In addition to our daily services, we can also organize all types of celebrations for up to 90 guests.

In addition to the best quality services, our guests also enjoy attractive prices, affordable to all. We also accept your business cards while companies can pay via account.

We are there for you every day from 9 to midnight, and if you are unable to visit us, we also deliver to your address.

We serve breakfast between 10AM – 12PM at promotional prices: scrambled eggs, ham and eggs, omelets and much more.

* Bruschetti
* Caesar salad
* Italian salad
* Seafood salad
* Tuna salad
* Prosciutto
* Sir, ‘kajmak cream’
* Tartar beefsteak
* Karpaco "Talir"


* Mushrooms - grilled, fried
* Fried cheese
* Fried peppers
* Tagliatelle pasta in various sauces

* Veal soup
* Vegetable soup
* White soup with mushrooms


* Chicken, grilled, fried, sesame
* Rolled chicken
* Chicken and veggies
* Chicken mix
* Stuffed chicken with mozzarella in mushroom sauce
* Hawaiian chicken
* Chicken in basil sauce
* Chicken medallions in cream sauce
* Chicken with four cheese sauce
* Chicken plate
* Chicken “ajmokac”
* Chicken drumstick
* Turkey - grilled, roasted, sesame
* Rolled turkey
* Turkey and veggies
* Filled turkey with mozzarella in mushroom sauce
* Hawaiian Turkey
* Turkey in basil sauce
* Turtle medallions in cream sauce
* Turkey in four cheese sauce
* Scalopps "Talir"
* Scalopps in a skillet
* Scalopps in hazelnut sauce
* Scalopps in matriciana sauce
* Scalopps in Mexican sauce
* Scalopps in a four-cheese sauce
* Scalopps in “natural” sauce



* Beefsteak "Talir"
* Grilled beefsteak
* Beefsteak with gorgonzola
* Sautee "Stroganov"
* Pepper steak
* Stuffed beefsteak
* Mix "Talir"
* Ramstek "Talir"
* Ramstek "Talir" for two people
* Ramstek Grilled
* National plate "Talir"
* Stuffed fillet "Talir"
* White hanger
* Stuffed white hanger
* Rolled stuffed white hanger
* Smoked white hanger
* “Karadjordjeva” steak
* Blue Ribbon
* Veal medallions with mushrooms
* Gourmet burger
* Veal grilled
* Cooked pork legs (in cabbage with horseradish)



* Smoked trout
* Fillet perch
* Squid


* Serbian with cheese
* Tarator salad
* Lettuce – cabbage
* Celery salad
* Roasted pepper
* Sauerkraut
* Horseradish, olives
* Homemade “ajvar”, mix salad
* Hot peppers
* Greek salad
* Vitamin salad Talir


* Dry pie
* Walnut cookies
* Pancakes
* Pancakes "Talir”
* Creampie
* Fruit cake
* Chocolate cake
* Cup "Talir"
* Ice cream
* Fruit Salad
* Banana split
* Seasonal fruit





TALIR Domestic cuisine Beograd
TALIR Domestic cuisine Beograd
TALIR Domestic cuisine Beograd
TALIR Domestic cuisine Beograd
TALIR Domestic cuisine Beograd
TALIR Domestic cuisine Beograd
TALIR Domestic cuisine Beograd
TALIR Domestic cuisine Beograd
TALIR Domestic cuisine Beograd