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VEGA ORL Medical office is a specialized otorhinolaryngology clinic that offers you complete medical examination for children and adults as well as US and Doppler neck diagnostics (thyroid gland, saliva glands, lymphatic nodes)

Services we offer:

- Examination of the ear, nose and throat for children and adults

- Hearing tests

- Hearing aides processing

- Allergy testing - prick testing for standard inhalation allergens

- Thyroid gland US

- Soft neck tissue US

- Throat blood vessel US

- Throat blood vessel doppler

- Endoscopy examination - ear, nose ,sinuses, fiberoptic endoscopy

- Dizziness tests and treatments

- Diagnostics and treatments for tinnitus

- Acute deafness - diagnostics and treatment

- Home visits

We work with Generali Insurance


Our expert VEGA ORL team:

dr Vesna Kostic, spec.otolaryngologist who works with US diagnostics of the thyroid glands, soft tissue and blood vessels of the neck
prof dr Vojko Djukic, spec.otolaryngologist, fonohirurg
prof dr Jovica Milovanovic, spec.otolaryngologist, deals with laryngeal and neck surgery
dr Branka Djurdjevic / Branko Djurdjevic / spec. otorinolaringolog

Schedule examinations on workdays, 8AM - 11PM