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Equipment for beauty salons Belgrade
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Cosmetic Salon "Adut" is located at 36a Milan Rakic street, Belgrade, where in the pleasant ambience and relaxing atmosphere of our salon you can have some facial and body treatments. Special emphasis, or "trump card" of the Salon is a royal treatment that is actually a combination of treatments in itself, it takes 2 hours and is done by three beauticians at the same time.
Knowledge is constantly being updated and supplemented in various seminars, trade fairs of cosmetics, professional courses, as well as monitoring of current fashion trends.
ROYAL TREATMENT! The combination of more treatments for a period of 2 hours performed by three cosmetician at the same time! The Royal Treatment - Discount 10% Dear ladies, from 1 March 2011 and continuing through the end of March, in the parlor "Adut" you can do a complete treatment of your face and body "royal treatment" at a discount of 10%.