Equipping children Belgrade

Address: 262 Ustanicka st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 062/569-240

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Bob The Builder is a company and an association of artisans engaged in manufacturing and refurbishing playgrounds, birthday celebrations, kindergartens ... both inner and outer space. Materials and finished components are exclusively of domestic origin and have all the documentation regarding the certificate of guarantee and shelf life. In our production you can find a wide range of products and of course, all in one place you need to equip the buildings. We provide complete solutions, and work on turnkey basis. A team of real experts (carpenter, locksmith, an upholsterer, twister, seamster) with the help of architect-designer we will make use of any, even the smallest corners in your area. According to your wishes, and our ideas, we are able to provide maximum enjoyment to your kids! With the most interesting games, obstacles, devices, slides, Trampoline, hanging bridges, nets and climbing walls, and more guarantee your kids will be very good fun, but also develop an appreciation of sports, motor skills and companionship. Our playgrounds provide opportunities for every youngster to the entry, with the help of imagination, going through all the levels, always start a new adventure in itself and come up with new story wishing that they last longer, and as soon as possible to come back again. Guarantee the quality of our satisfied clients confirm in Serbia and the region, from Belgrade, Nis, Pirot, Zrenjanin, Negotin Pazova, Sarajevo, Brcko, Banja Luka, Podgorica, Kotor, Budva, Niksic, ... Most original and unique solutions you will find with us, because we never make two alike games, each a separate story in itself! Most importantly, there is nothing of Chinese materials in our production. DECIDE FOR U.S.! Let's play to imagine, to make miracles together, because we are not yet adults.