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Final works Belgrade

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Services we offer are: - the complete building construction (turnkey) - complete reconstruction, or in stages of buildings and dwellings; - adaptation of buildings and dwellings; - upgrading facilities; - interior space design; - rearranging the attic and basement space into residential or commercial property; modes are: - design and construction of the building, the entire building (turnkey), or in stages; - providing conceptual design and manufacture all kinds of work on houses, on the basis of a given solution; - performing all types of work or individual, to attain an object, based on the existing project documentation
KINDS of works performed are as follows: - partitioning walls and suspended ceilings, with and without insulation; - Fire walls and trim, with certificates; - plaster works, - floor works, more specifically: - Ceramics, - parquet - marble and granite , - PVC-flooring - conductive ordinary and raised floors - painting works - water and sanitation, - Mechanical installations (heating), - electrical installation - joinery, external and internal (aluminum, PVC, MDF, black, fire-proof doors, ...) the types of buildings, in which works are performed first Commercial - retail spaces (mega, boutiques ...) - Exhibition areas (trade show displays ...) - production premises (factory halls, workshops) - administrative buildings (offices and ancillary facilities), - restaurants (motels , hotels, restaurants, cafés) - gas stations; - casino - sports facilities (media-centers, restrooms, bars ...) - social objects (assemblies, departments, administration ...) - Medical- pharmaceutical facilities (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies ...) - educational institutions (schools, universities ...), 2 Living - residential building (complete construction, or certain types of work); - individual apartments (old to eighty years, as new) - individual houses (old and new);
REFERENCES LIST: RESIDENTIAL BUILDING AND OFFICES THAT ARE designed, constructed, or perform the reconstruction, and acted entire interior City Hall, 1995/96. years. - Ceilings and lighting in individual rooms in the existing building SERBIAN PARLIAMENT, 1997. years. - Ceilings and lighting in the premises of the restaurant in the existing facility, ZIN, Belgrade, 1997/98. Whatever - ceilings, walls and lighting in individual rooms in the existing facility, the Special Court, Belgrade, 2003. years. - Works on the complete interior, newly built complex stadium, - media center and toilets in the stands, at work, Belgrade, 2004. years. Complete professional interior of the existing facility MINING - Geology, - replacement of ceiling and lighting, walls, Belgrade, 1998. Whatever the existing facility LASTA garages, Belgrade, 2002. God. - Ceilings, walls and lighting in individual rooms in the existing facility, DAIRY, Lajkovac, 1995. years. - Complete interior works in the existing primary school building, Zemun, 1997. years. - Ceilings, walls and lighting Lapovo, 1998. years. in the current facilities PP RAD Murgas - Ub, 1996. years. - Works to complete the interior, the newly built power plant Kolubara facility, UB, 1997. years. - Ceilings, walls and lighting in shops and flats, a new residential and business premises AUTO HOUSE ČAČAK, - performing assembling the facade of granite ceramics, in Belgrade, 2005. God. Aluminum - newly built steel frame building BEOGUMA, Belgrade, 1994-2007. God. - Completely reconstructed settlement of all offices that buy, or scold, but also engineering and trim, - ceilings, walls, ceramic tiles, PVC flooring and double simanovci, 2007. years. Stainless steel, coating the carpet, in a new office building CODEX CASINO POINT - ceilings and lighting, then rearranging the interior Belgrade, 1995/96. years. in 23 stores, as well as their office PANJ PETROL, Svilajnac, 1997. years. - Works to complete the interior, the newly built facility CASINO Partizan Belgrade, 1998. years. - Ceilings and lighting in the existing facility CRATER gas station and house - complete construction of all construction, home, Kr. Palanka 1999. crafts and interior finishing works on the lookout CEDA PRESS, - making the complete interior of the offices and warehouses, Belgrade, 2005. years. in the new building, as well as the exterior of the crater, dwelling - complete construction of all construction, 4 500 m, Skopje, 2004/05. years. Craftsmen - finishing and interior works the Sunny Slopes, Belgrade - Fabrication and assembly of complete Alu. and steel doors and windows, objects: C1, C3, B1 - B6, 1991/93. years. and garage doors and fire


ĐOVANI MONT Final works Beograd
ĐOVANI MONT Final works Beograd
ĐOVANI MONT Final works Beograd