Firm founding Belgrade

Address: 2 Koste Glavinica st., Senjak
Belgrade Phone: 011/369-16-30, 369-17-41, 065/2017-108, 069/396-29-63

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Accountancy IVA Bookkeeping services for businesses, entrepreneurs, other legal entities and representative offices. Check-in and check-out of workers. Book keeping by double-entry bookkeeping.
Financial accounting, native accounting, manufacturing, payroll, production of M-4, cash, fixed assets, all tax calculations. Compliance with P.U. Lecture of all tax accounts in P.U. Advisory and consultancy services Preparation and submission of annual accounts (in el.formi) for the APR and PU
For more information about services please contact by phone: 0113692963, 0652017108, 0692017108 or contact us via e-mail: We save your time and your money! All in one place!