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In a quiet and tucked the central part of Zemun, at Slavonian no. 20a, proud and distinguished tradition in their fourth year successfully exists School of English "ABC MIAMI", under professional supervision and professional Master of English teachers - Maje Vukic.
Professor Maja Vukic, in addition to the graduation of the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade - Department of English Language and Literature, perfecting his knowledge and education area in the United States. Now more than 15 years successfully transmitted their knowledge to their clients, paying maximum attention to their basic education in English.
We are proud that a large number of students of this school found its business engagement through well savladanoj education in the school, as well as a large number of pupils and students successfully passed all periods of adaptation abroad during their education. Primary and secondary schools attending classes at the school of English have guaranteed high academic achievement as evidenced their ratings.
The school itself is characterized by a highly professional programming approach that can be organized in terms of individual, group, student - the school, and business school. Also, the school has any programs for all levels of English language according to what level the student begins classes. Commercial aspects with clients are highly adaptable and among the most affordable on the market in the sphere of business.
Groups are per hour up to 4 members to the work was meaningful, useful and have full effect. The intensity and schedule of classes are subject to consultation with the teacher. Classes are 60 minutes and are held twice a week for a negotiated more frequently. Prices are determined according to the number of participants (individual, semi-individual or group classes) on the basis of age (adults and school age).
All these aspects are enough incentive to visit us at the address below and gain a wealth of easily mastering the English language.


ABC MIAMI - LANGUAGE SCHOOL Foreign languages schools Beograd
ABC MIAMI - LANGUAGE SCHOOL Foreign languages schools Beograd
ABC MIAMI - LANGUAGE SCHOOL Foreign languages schools Beograd