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Active English School was founded in 2000 by native English-speaking ESOL* teachers from Britain.  Our aim has always been that each of our students should have the knowledge which enables them to gain at least one of the most widely accepted, internationally recognised, English language certificates as an aid to employment and/or further education at home or abroad.

*English for speakers of other languages

The University of Cambridge ESOL examinations require a high standard of English.  Exam candidates need to be skilled in speaking, writing, listening, reading and use of English.   Active English School's standards, therefore, are in line with those demanded by Cambridge and, as a result, we are proud to say that we have achieved a 100% pass rate at FCE (First Certificate in English), CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) and CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English).

Although we take students of any age, we know that the most effective way to achieve the high level of English language knowledge needed in today's world is for children to grow up with the language, use it in context and eventually to think in English.  Our youngest students, therefore, start with us from the age of four.

Our four and five year-olds spend one hour a week with us.  They learn that English is fun and make a start on their vocabulary and listening skills.

At six years old they spend one-and-a-half hours a week with us, they will be familiar with the alphabet and start to read and write words.  They will extend their vocabulary and listening comprehension skills.

By nine, ten or eleven years old they will have learned the basics of reading and writing in English, started to tackle the complexities of English spelling, simple grammar learnt in context and improved their speaking and listening comprehension skills.  They will then be ready to spend three hours a week with us tackling a systematic approach to grammar, concentrate on their writing and further develop their speaking, listening and reading.

As teenagers and university students, they will also be trained in study skills which not only help them to pass examinations in English but also help with their own studies.

Learning English properly is a commitment from both students and teachers alike.  It pays dividends however, as in today's world of instant global communication, being able to speak and write English is a necessity.

'If it wasn't for the English course I did with you ten years ago, and the exam I passed, I wouldn't have got my job or been able to do an MBA in Edinburgh.  I'm now finance manager of the Belgrade office of a well-known international pharmaceutical firm.  Your school is unique, that's why I want my daughter to learn English with you.'

Lana Vukovic