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Additional Locations

Preparing children for further education in German-speaking areas.

We successfully prepare students to connect with the German school system more easily, so that our students can have an easier time enrolling in the next level of education in countries such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland, respective to the class they graduated from in our country.

Bilingual teaching

Bilingual classes for foreign citizens, students who use English as their first language or possess a high level of English language skills, these are so-called *English/German lessons.

All teaching in these courses takes place exclusively in English and requires a good knowledge of the language, while our tested programs provide a better approach when it comes to learning the German language. As both languages belong to the Germanic group of languages, it is easier to create comparisons and find similarities and differences between them, both in terms of grammar and vocabulary.

This kind of learning process accelerates the process of successful German language learning.

Language drill

Drill is the German word for exercise or training, a special way of military training by means of multiple repetition, e.g. words, concepts, translation, conversation, comparative grammar exercises, a combination of written and spoken tasks, persistent practice leads to the acquisition of knowledge.

Grammar or language drills for the purpose of presenting seminars or scientific research or any kind of translation in English. At our Facebook and Instagram pages, you can see about the project that we worked on as a team, starting with translation, proofreading and language drill on the topic of "Spirituality of Nikola Tesla" and presentation in America and Greece. *The Spiritual Character of Nikola Tesla

Translation services for

All types of English and German texts.

Translations from Serbian to English or German.

Translation of literary and non-literary texts.

English language courses

Our offer includes English language courses which are adjusted to the age of the participants, as well as the level of previous knowledge:

- Beginner English for children aged 3-4 years

- English language for preschoolers (level A, 4-5 years)

- English language for preschoolers (level B, 5-6 years)

- English language for younger elementary school students (ages 7-11)

- English language for older primary school students (11-15 years old)

- English language for high school students (15-18 years old)

- English language for students

English for adults

- Business English

- Conversational English

- English language for travel

English language levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Preparation for and passing exams for internationally recognized certificates

(The Cambridge Exams):

- FCE First Certificate in English

- CAE Certificate in Advanced English

- CPE Certificate of Proficiency in English

German language lessons for schoolchildren and preparation for entry into the German education system. It is known that knowledge of the German language is highly valued in the German-speaking areas, starting with the educational system and ending with the need to change jobs or work environments.

The Merriam Center for Foreign Languages has been preparing students to learn German through knowledge of Serbian or English for many years. *via the bilingual method

Today's children often have equal knowledge of their native Serbian language and English, so the need for different learning methods soon becomes apparent, i.e. it becomes more efficient to learn German by utliizing their knowledge of English. Our experience shows a greater interest in such methods among students, as well as greater success and faster learning of the German language.

- German for high school students (15-19 years old)

- German for college students

- German for adults

(beginner level, intermediate and higher levels of knowledge depending on the needs and type of occupation)

Preparation of students for taking the exam

*Work in a group or individually

The Merriam Center for Foreign Languages is a long-term associate of many kindergartens and preschool institutions in Belgrade, and we are very proud of our students and the work our professors do with them through animation and educational programs in English that are tailored for youngest students.

We have been professional collaborators even before our establishment, because we recognized the need for additional improvement when it comes to working with children aged 3 and up to the preschool group and how to master spoken English with them with a lot of love, patience and dynamic work.

In classes, we act, sing, perform choreographies, dance, do voices and use words, sentences and play in English to ensure that the children have a nice approach to a new language and to love English, and at the same time, every year as they grow, they have more and more confidence to learn and show interest and knowledge in a foreign language.

The smiles and joy of the children means the world to us, because then we know that we are pedagogically on the right path to ensuring that your child loves English, learns through play and one day will use a foreign language as his native tongue.

Classes are held in the afternoon in groups (from min. 2 to max. 8 participants).

#individual lessons with students of all ages

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