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- Studio for language and culture K-E-N-T-E started with its work in 1999, with the wish to give children and young ones space to freely and creatively learn foreign languages, and meet and explore other countries and cultures.- Children adopt, develop and use their knowledge of English and/or German. The content is appropriate for the children and young ones age, and follows topics which are joint with the cross-curriculum; interactive language usage; educative games and drama. The age of children and youngster is 4-14. Number of children per group is 4-6; once/twice per week, 90min. Programs for preschool and lower elementary school age are authorized, made bu joining experiences and different sources of content. For higher elementary school age, Longman, Oxford, Cambridge, Klett, Hueber, are being used, depending on the knowledge level and interests of the children. - Interculture program With children across the world introduces world kids cultures - children from Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia; introducing with their customs, songs, stories, their music and language, games and dances, traditional clothes and food, their history and art. Age 4-12; once per week, 120 min Program author, Tatjana Rodic is also the author of the book With children across the world 1 published by Kreativni centar, 1998. The multicultural program is parallel developed in 3 directions: 1. for children age 4-6 the program is being realized through as story in which all the elements tied to a country (language, flag, song, dance, crafts, food, dance...) are being joined 2. for children age 7-10 (1st to 4th grade), every country is introduced through basic cultural elements such as language, music, dance, clothes, tradition and customs, literature, games, food. At this age into the program the country's geographical characteristics are being introduced, as well as flora and fauna exploration. 2. For children age 11 - 14 (5th to 8th grade) every country is being introduced through additional details (geographic characteristics, flora and fauna, history, legends and myths, architecture, art). The children at this age are being encouraged to independently create multicultural projects.