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Upholstering services "Sofa"

You can get the best prices. Services we offer: - Upholstery and furniture coating - Development of tailor-made furniture - Sewing blankets, covers, curtains, draperies, pillows of any size of material you choose - Making lazy bag bag - Upholstery doors - entrance, partition, the door of the closet - Walls and upholstery panels - Interior Furnishings - playground, restaurants, hair salons - Upholstery martinela - the indoor courts (balloons for football) The basic service for changing furniture (chairs, crates, sofas, armchairs, corner sets) enters fabric changes and, if necessary, from the inner material: risers, spring, winter, sponge ... All services carry out the necessary assessment work, and in consultation with you. We offer a wide selection of upholstery fabrics, eco or natural leather, as well as supporting ribbons. Production of furniture includes the use of quality materials that provide the opportunity for making furniture pieces from the classical to the most modern lines. Furniture is made in your draft, you participate in all phases, until you get the desired look that fits perfectly into your living space. Catering facilities offer special discounts for making pillows, covers, curtains, draperies, lazy bag bag, with the fastest guaranteed delivery. For all users of our services we provide free transportation, dismantling and assembling furniture in Belgrade and the surrounding area.