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Land surveying agency “EURO GEO”  is certified by the Republic Geodetic Department for providing geodetic services throughout Serbia. We perform land surveying services for the purpose of maintaining a cadastre of property and installations, as well as for creating geodetic backgrounds in engineering-technical works. We are also at our clients’ disposal when it comes to completing their legal and technical documentation.

We have a wealth of practical experience in applied (engineering) land surveying which we use when constructing capital infrastructural objects.

When agreeing upon the work given, we guarantee for the time span it will be finished in.


- Legalization of objects – full documentation.
- Land survey and writing the object into the cadastre – Geodetic survey
- Elaborate of ownership – specification of separate parts of the object
- Bordering cadastre parcels
- Partitioning cadastre parcels
- Joining cadastre parcels
- Internal partitioning of cadastre parcels – terms of use
- Identification (locating) cadastre parcels in the field
- Identification (locating) cadastre parcels in cadastre plan, aerial or satellite
- Creating situational plans
- Creating cadastre-topography plan
- Forming construction parcels
- Pre-partitioning projects – geodetic marking
- Geodetic measuring of betting house distance from schools


- Monitoring objects during construction and exploitation
- Situational monitoring of initial state
- Geodetic marking of objects and accompanying infrastructure
- Regulation protocol
- Foundation control (image)
- Leveling the terrain, relief image
- Control, checking the verticality of the building
- Following how the building settles, setting up rappers in the object
- Geodetic filming of the initial state of the building
- Geodetic filming and marking underground installations and objects
- Calculating cubature of excavations and embankments
- Geodetic survey of building facades and display in analogue and digital format
- 3D imaging of buildings – scanning
- Specifications and measuring of interior rooms
- Creating elaborates of geodetic works
- Technical reception of the building – use permit


Seeing how the prices of our services depend on the scope, length and location of the project, we are unable to give you the exact price of our services. However, many of our services have a standard price for the territory of Belgrade, which are:

- Geodetic survey of the building (up to 300m2) – 100eur (in dinars)
- Elaborate of ownership – specifying separate parts of the object (up to 300m2) – 50EUR (in dinars)
- Bordering the cadastre parcel (up to 50 acres) – 100eur (in dinars)
- Internal partitioning of cadastre parcels (up to 50 acres) – 100eur (in dinars)
- Joining cadastre parcels (up to 50 acres) – 100eur (in dinars)
- Identifying (locating) cadastre parcels in the field (up to 50 acres) – 100eur (in dinars)
- Identifying (locating) cadastre parcels in the cadastre plan, aerial and satellite footage (up to 50 acres) – 50eur (in dinars)
- Geodetic measuring of distance between betting houses and schools – 100eur (in dinars)
- Forming construction parcels – geodetic marking project (up to 50 acres) – 300eur (in dinars)
- Obtaining documentation – property list, plan copies, location information, underground currents plan and others – per agreement

Working hours: 9AM – 5PM on workdays.


Methods of payment

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