Geodetic, geology Belgrade

Address: 22 Starine Novaka st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 011/3240-390, 064/496-5465, 062/111-5094

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The buerau for geodetic works "GEO PRIZMA 011" was founded in January 2015 does all kinds of geodetic works with high quality, swiftness and efficiency. All the works doen by experienced and licensed geodetic experts.

Our activities include:
- Making geodetic recordings
- Drawing objects in the cadastre

- Marking and distribution plot

- Legalization

- Cadastral - topographic maps

- Establishment of building lots

- Recording and mapping of underground lines

- Protocols regulation - Surveying work on the construction of buildings

All services are finished swiftly and affordably in the territory of the entire Belgrade and when agreed in the other parts of Serbia.