Grill Belgrade

Address: 41 Krusevacka st., corner with Brace Kovac st.
Belgrade Phone: ...

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Not far from the highway, in Krusevac 41, we are sure, that your view stop on the corner, the whiteness of the facade, for one, single, Bakery Rankovic. Our tradition is a long 11 years and priority, motto or credo that guides us, the quality is just fine. With a pleasant ambience, superior service and affordable prices, we offer much more. And, it's ... Lovers of good pies can be fully satisfied with the offer, and in addition we also have a varied selection of salty and sweet pastries. There are rolls with cheese, mushrooms, Patty cheese-meat-ham, Zu-zu, pies and lazy ... Of course strudel with poppy seeds. Upon request, make a cocktail rolls and decorative cakes for all your celebrations, from weddings, christenings, birthdays, and other miscellaneous receipt. We have not forgotten, nor your patron saint, because you do best slave cakes. We are waiting for you: - weekdays from 06-20 h - Saturday: 06-15 h - Sundays from 06-12 h We're here, please!
But ... for those who are fans of good meat, bakery across the street for you 24 hours, to the newly opened Grill Rankovic. Stylish and unique interior ambience that exudes harmony and refinement, friendly and unobtrusive staff will offer you a wide selection of dishes from the grill, and all types of alcoholic beverages ..., while in summer, you can enjoy the garden.
Visit us and see the quality of good barbecue, and we for you the rich assortment includes: burgers, hanger, chicken, stuffed burgers, stuffed chicken, stuffed hangers, gourmet burger, kebab, chicken kebab, and much, much more. All of your orders receive a phone and once again, we are here for you 24 hours Finally, the message, which comes from the host home WELCOME AND ENJOY!!