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Address: 80/3 Novogradska st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 063/7040-308

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Fit XS is a modernly equipped fitness studio in Novogradska Street in Zemun. This is your chance to start right away with a healthy way of life! The friendly and highly trained professional staff working at "Fit XS" studio will help you persevere and get the desired results. The studio Fit XS does not matter whether you look your best, it is the inner satisfaction and healthy relationship with your body, and with it comes the outer beauty. The studio is equipped with cardio machines tehnogym program, TRX and supporting sports equipment.

In the studio running programs:



Group programs


Benefits studios Fit XS:

small groups
friendly atmosphere
professional expert coaches
Ability to exercise throughout the week
free trial training


If you do not have time because of work or want privacy, we give you a individual training under the constant supervision of personal trainers.
Working with a personal trainer is characterized by the highest possible level of utilization of the training and dedication of the practitioner as opposed to a gym where you are mostly left to the discretion of the muscle groups that should be practiced.
We encourage you individual training, designed according to your needs and abilities, the constant presence of professional who takes care of your every move. Working with an expert eliminate the risk of injury during training exercise is a safer and more efficient, much progress has been faster and the results are guaranteed. During individual training coach analyze your progress and depending on the results achieved and the goals for the future re-design your former exercise program.

Programs that you can choose:

Training for the reduction of body weight
Training to increase muscle mass
Fitness training for athletes
Rehabilitation and Recovery
Training with children, the impact on normal growth and development

The program is based on the diagnosis of your health, physical fitness, rehabilitation, and your needs.

Mode of individual loads can be programmed according to the following parameters:

testing current physical abilities and characteristics of the client
psychological profile of the client
anthropometric measurements (height, weight, circumference and length of individual body parts, diameters of the joints, skin-fold thickness ..)
conversation with the client to determine desired training goal
physical fitness test


Individual training was to train to achieve a new personal record, or just want to live healthier, TRX Suspension Training with exercises that use your own body weight can help. Develops: flexibility, strength, endurance, explosiveness, stability of the hull.


Guided practice is a warp type of individual training. It is implemented in a group of 2 to 4 people, with constant monitoring of trainers.

Pilates is a sophisticated form of exercise that also develops specific muscle strength and flexibility of muscles and joints, resulting in optimal physical balance.

Pilates lengthens and tones the body, affects the elegant posture, relieves stress, contributes to better self-control and greater self-confidence.


Corrective exercise is a set of physical exercises dosage for intensity, type and duration, which can be used preventively in children who have a predisposition for the development of a postural deformity or therapy if they already exist. The exercises aim to increase muscle strength, increase range of motion and improve the coordination of movement.