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Address: 2 Gradski park st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 065/4444-963

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Fit fitness club , located in the heart of Zemun, in the sports center Pinky, started its operations on September 1, 2006th and since then successfully do. Fit fitness club founder Nikola Mandic , a professor of sport and physical education.

Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle . Modern life offers many benefits , but also dangers , including the daily stress . One of the healthiest ways to deal with this problem is regular physical activity, and our mission is to spread ideas and a healthy body and mind through the safe and proper exercise and a healthy diet .

Work out at the fitness club fit based on individual training (one to one ) and training group (up to 6 people). The advantages of this type of exercise , that is . training with a professional coach are numerous:

Professional coach with trainees from the beginning to the end of training, which means they are programmed and runs training , control and execution of exercises. In this way, a professional trainer to get the most out of each trainees , monitors progress and helps to achieve the desired results in the shortest time possible , while health trainees come first .
A professional coach training creates the need for trainees .
A professional coach trainees increased motivation to work , choose the best exercise techniques and thus the risk of potential injury to a minimum.

For us it does not matter whether you're a long-time practitioner , or a beginner , because the first practice for mandatory testing based on which assesses your current physical condition , and then prepares a plan and exercise program . This means that every athlete has a plan of exercise that is from the beginning to the end of the training run by the coaches.

Trainings are based on the following units :

apparatus exercises ,
The floor exercise,
cardio exercises .

As part of the training and operation of the vibrating handle .