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Address: 10 Dzordza Vasingtona st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/3345-879
E-mail: info@herbasana.rs
Website: www.herbasana.rs

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The healthy food shop “Herbasana” is located at 10 Dzordza Vasingtona street in Dorcol, Belgrade. Our retail store was organized in the spirit of large global metropolis with the concept of herbal apothecary and a healthy food store in one place.

With the desire to let you eat healthily and find remedies for treating or preventing health issues we’ve created a place which stands apart from many others and is a sure step towards healthy living.

Our valued customers can get professional advice from a doctor and a nutritionist whether it is about diet or selecting product to preserve one’s health. By taking an individual approach, being understanding and professional we strive to give you our full support towards quality lifestyle.

Our assortment consists of:
- Herbal remedies
- Teas
- Remedies from our own, Russian, Chinese and Indian traditional medicine
- Macrobiotic products
- Organic products
- Gluten-free products
- Herbal cosmetics by leading home and worldwide brands.

Seeing how healthy nutrition is the perquisite for a better quality lifestyle we aim to include all the products that may improve or preserve your health in our offer. With us you can always find a wide palette of products for diabetics, persons suffering from high blood pressure, non-tolerance to certain foods and much more to help your overall health.

Contact phone:
011/ 334 58 79

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“Herbasana” healthy food store, Dorcol, Belgrade