Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 32 Sime Solaje st., Karaburma
Belgrade Phone: 011/2753-217, 064/143-0043, 065/2753-217
E-mail: dommarija@gmail.com
Website: www.dommarija.com

4.5/ 5stars

Home is licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

So that your beloved parents can live our a nice and pleasant elderly age, visit our home and see the activities, staff and accomodations we offer. We are located in Karaburma, a neighbourhood which offers the sense of peace, quiet and separation from the city bustle. Located in the peaceful street of Sime Solaje at number 32, among many private homes and rows of trees.

Our team's great experience in working with the elderly which require constant attention is our quality guarantee.

Our services:
- Comfortable accomodations
- each double or three bed room has its own bathroom, dining room, TV, cable, central heating, phone line, video surveillance and alarm.
- The medical staff works on prevention and treatment of bed sores
- TA, puls, glycemia, diuresis are controlled twice per day and evidented in charts which contain all the data of every patients. Therapy is administred, IV is given, catheters are placed and the patients senses and skin are nurtured. We collaborate with laboratories and specialist clinics.

Assistance staff
- Caretakers
- Change of clothes three times a day (or more if needed)
- Bedding replacement twice a day (or more if needed)
- Bathing, laundry and ironing twice a week
- Users have five meals, while diabetics on insulin have six

General practise doctor
- Checkups twice a week as well as care for the users' psychological condition and mood.

Massaging immobile patients twice a day - birthday celebrations, outings, socializing and board games. Our capacity is 21 user.

Following all modern trends in social care areas, we're organized so that our clients have above all acomfortable stay and then complete health care and support in countering illnesses, making everyone feel like a family which contributes to the sense of belonging and security.