Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 44e Miljakovacke staze st., Rakovica
Belgrade Phone: 011/7589-062, 064/961-01-73
E-mail: miljakovackiodmor@gmail.com
Website: www.miljakovackiodmor.com

4.5/ 5stars

Miljakovacki vacation, home for the elderly and care of the sick person is an institution that offers the highest quality accommodation and professional care of people most mature age. The goal of our existence is to provide high quality services related to housing, nutrition, care and hygiene, medical services and social life, in order to make easier, more beautiful and interesting life of older people and their families. Our task is to help about everyday activities, to participate in planning your time in the selection of interesting content that our institution provides to the more enjoyed at any time and have had time to focus on favorite activities.
Our tenants we offer comfortable accommodation in the new built premises on two floors in a peaceful part of Miljakovac, near the center of Belgrade. The home has its own garden, suitable for a relaxing walk and many other activities. Fenced and, from the streets, and other objects away just enough that is insulated from the noise and traffic and that our residents enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. Home has double rooms that are fully equipped. Each room has a terrace, cable TV, telephone, private bathroom and left the room for individual equipment. Rooms for nursing the sick are equipped with all necessary appliances for medical care. Tenants will be visited according to individual needs and desires. The home also includes a dining room, Internet corner, a large living room and other facilities at the life and friendship of our residents. The home is located and salon care and hygiene, where they access services hairdressers, barbers, pedicure and manicure, and rooms for physical exercises, massage and others.
Staff home for the elderly Miljakovacki home has been carefully chosen so that they are people who are trained and specialized in their fields, especially in working with older people, their job is done with love and understanding, and always with a smile on his face and on both sides satisfaction. Members of our staff, who daily take care of our family members are: Domski doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, nurses, nurse, occupational therapist and social worker. There are also services of barbers, hairdressers and pedicure which takes account of tending and appearance of our residents every day, especially for special occasions such as holidays, celebrations, celebrate, birthdays, trips, visits, other important social events.