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Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade
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Care home for the elderly “Kosmajski konak” is located in Sopot, Belgrade municipality at the base of Avala and Kosmaj. The proximity of these mountains makes for a favorable micro-climate that’s suitable for older people’s rehabilitation or stay. Clean air, a healing wind rose from Kosmaj and Danube plateau all contribute to the mild climate that has a beneficial effect on your organism. Non-polluted nature, lush forests and clean water springs, add to the image of a healthy environment and geo-climate advantages of Sopot for the stay of you or your loved ones.
We are situated on a very good location – in the narrow center of Sopot and yet far enough away from traffic and the city noise. The home can be accessed from the direction of Belgrade, through the Belgrade-Nis highway, the regional Belgrade-Kragujevac road or the local Barajevo-Sopot road, which means we are well-connected to all important traffic lines in the area. The home is also connected to Belgrade with a direct Lasta bus line which travels regularly on workdays and weekends.
The building that houses “Kosmajski konak” home for the elderly was purpose built and it is fully adjusted to the needs of its users according to the “Rule set regarding the accommodation of the elderly in social protection institutions”, issued by the ministry of work and social affairs of Serbia. The professional staff and latest equipment allows us to provide the highest quality services to our users. The rooms are in hotel style with two beds and a bathroom in each room. They also have phones, cable TV access and internet.
Our users’ nutrition comes in the form of three main meals and two snacks as recommended by the nutritionist, but can be adjusted to the specific needs of certain groups.
High quality accommodations, beneficial surroundings and affordable prices make us the best choice for your elderly. Call us and see our professionalism and quality.