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Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade
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Care home for the elderly “Stari Prijatelj” utilizes a surface of over 2000m2 and is modernly equipped in order to satisfy all the needs of our users. We have years of work experience and professionalism behind us. Thanks to our excellent location in a pleasant altitude, as well as the absence of any traffic or noise, we are able to give our users peace of mind and a pleasant rest with ideal conditions for elderly and ill residents. 

We have the latest equipment required tzo perform our activities. When it comes to our residence capacities and layout, we have rooms ranging from single-bed to two and three-bed rooms that can be adjusted to the needs of both mobile and immobile users so that they would feel at home. 

The home has two elevators in order to make movement easier for all the residents. They are optimized for wheelchairs. Our professional medical staff takes full 24h care of the health and safety of our users with all the required medical care and supervision. 

There is also a resident general practice doctor who keeps track of all our users’ health regularly with the possibility of inviting consultants of all specialties as needed. In charge of our users’ needs when it comes to recovery and physical therapy are our two professional and experienced physical therapists who adjust to the individual needs and condition of every user. 

When it comes to nutrition, all the food is prepared on location in our modernly equipped kitchen with the highest standards of quality and spotless hygiene. Every day our users get three main meals and two snacks. 

We make every effort to make sure that the food is diverse and that all meals are always fresh and suit the health needs and condition of our users. 

We also put a lot of care into the social life of our users. 

There’s work therapy which focuses on renewing, maintaining and developing cognitive and motor skills as well as numerous social and entertaining games that we organize on a regular basis (such as dominoes, chess, sorry, card games and the like) just like many other activities. 

Our users have daily access to quality daily press and magazines. We always do our best to mark important dates such as birthdays and also observe religious and traditional holidays, family saint days and the like. 

The home also has a billiards hall that can be used throughout the day. 

The home is surrounded by a beautifully arranged yard that has a hiking track and summerhouse. This is where our users can enjoy walks and fresh air. 

The members of our team are always at our users’ disposal for company, advice or conversation .We always do our best to provide our users with quality and comfort in life but also privacy when they want it. 

Our mission is the satisfaction of our users!