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Rea Silvia is a character from old Roman mythology. According to legend, she was the mother of Romulus and Remus. The story says that her uncle, fearing that her sons would someday take his throne from him, ordered her to be arrested and her babies thrown into the river. However, the slave which had the assignment to do that took pity on the children and instead let them float down the river in a basket. Mars’ wolf Martia found the children when she went to drink some water from the river and fed them with her own milk. Since then, Rea is considered the symbol for self-sacrifice and her wolf for protection and courage.


Rea Luks our care home for the elderly began work with a clear goal – to provide our users, most of whom are elderly, disabled or persons unable to take care of themselves, with better quality of life by respecting set standards and that way facilitate their situation and the situation of their families.

Our building was constructed with this purpose in mind and is extremely attractive and in every way suitable to provide accommodations and care to various categories of users. With continuous healthcare, attention and doctor supervision in the comfort of our pleasant ambiance, we do our best to give every individual user the maximum attention that they need. Everyday activities and especially diverse social life of the user are our important priorities and their health and fight against diseases.

We are located in Zemun in Zemun Polje around 500m away from Beovoz train station and near the bus stops for 704, 704e, and 707. This nice and peaceful neighborhood is connected to the rest of the city with solid traffic lines because near us there is an intersection into the old Novi Sad highway and from there you can reach any part of the city easily.

Our beautiful and spacious building of 930m2 is surrounded by a fenced yard looking out into a peaceful street. In the front there is a safety gate that can be locked and in the back there is a field. The building is surrounded by houses and residential objects and near it there are multiple stores and other useful locations like the post office, health center, marketplace, some restaurants and others.

With two entrances that are adjusted for wheelchair access, our building is also well-secured with video surveillance and a system for automatic locking and unlocking of doors.

Now we will briefly present to you the structure of our building:

-Ground floor
This is where the ambulance and other medical premises are located and where our users get their healthcare, therapies and such. There is also the office for receiving clients, the dining room, a large common area with a TV and aquarium where users spend time with each other and their visitors throughout the day, rooms for work and occupational therapy, kitchens, laundry washing and drying rooms, storage rooms, toilets, wardrobe for the staff. The exterior walls of this floor have many windows which let in plenty of daylight.

- I floor
On this floor there are 6 bedrooms with their own bathrooms. Two rooms are smaller with three beds and three are larger with four beds, but all of them can be re-combined into single or double bedrooms to suit our patients’ needs. All rooms get plenty of daylight and have their own terrace with a living area in the middle of the floor with a TV and a seating area. The bedrooms have beds, wardrobes and nightstands and all of them are numbered so that every user has their own wardrobe. Rooms are separate for opposite genders except for married or unmarried partners.

-II floor
On this floor there are service rooms, the director’s office, social workers’ offices, storerooms and other rooms.

Our services are intended primarily for elderly persons who have difficulties or are unable to live independently and require full time care or supervision. The primary groups of users we accommodate include: the elderly persons who do not want to live alone, elderly persons suffering from disabilities, persons suffering from dementia.

In our work we follow our clear mission, vision and goal.

Our mission is to give social protection and care for the affected citizens, giving them high-quality health care and respecting their individuality and dignity. We also strive to raise awareness about the difficulties faced by our sick and elderly citizens on a daily basis and help them solve it.

Our vision is to form a type of organization that will take care of the endangered layers of society and solve their specific problems with the best solutions we have available. We will achieve this only with successful cooperation and respect by working together to improve the life quality of our users and their families.

Our goal is to become synonymous for exceptional services in the area of social protection and healthcare. We achieve this by adjusting to our users in every regard and continuously improving our already excellent services. We want to be the leaders in our area and for our name to be associated with flawless responsibility, quality and social and health care of the highest caliber.

We achieve our goals by following a certain number of specific goals:

- To provide high quality care for elderly and disabled persons and improve their social protection
- To provide our users support in battling dementia through counseling and a support center

- To bridge generations and encourage friendships between the elderly and children through various activities like workshops and other types of social gatherings.
- To stay informed and inform others on proper nutrition
- To inform the public of the problems faced by the elderly every day and achieve a communication with volunteering services, media and any similar organizations of the health and education systems.
- To help our users introduce a dose of physical activities into the everyday life
- To promote education through counseling offices, lectures and workshops about the problems faced by the elderly and infirm persons and find ways to improve their standing in society.

The result of these goals and principles we work in are the best services in the area of elderly care which we will now present to you in some more detail:

Our users can make use of the highest quality medical services offered by our highly qualified staff consisting of doctors, nurses, caretakers, technicians, physical therapists and other associates. All members of our staff are experts in their fields who have been specially trained for their tasks involving caring for persons with or without special needs.

At our institution we believe that caring for the elderly is a moral obligation of every individual and society in general as well as a humane foundation of our civilization. In spite of the regulations which list standards, acts and strategies for caring of the elderly, it’s not uncommon that they end up deprived and uncared for. By educating our citizens and reminding them of the human values we hope to popularize active and more focused care for the elderly in everyday life.

At our institution we do our best to satisfy all spiritual, cultural, physical, psychological, social and other needs of our users in order to enable them to lead happier, more complete lives and in the best way make use of their existing abilities for independent life.

Seeing how one of our main goals is to include a certain dose of physical activities into the lives of our users and enable them to be as independent as possible in accordance with their health condition. Our institution also provides rehabilitation and physical therapy services. We also have specialized and purposefully equipped rooms for these activities where our expert physical therapists and physiatrists guide the entire process. Rehabilitation is founded on continuity and individual work in accordance with the abilities of the user.  

This term is used to describe any type of physically-mental activity which is guided by an expert for the purpose of recovering from diseases and injuries. Work-occupation therapy can include recreational, creative, manual, educational or social activities undertaken for the purpose of rehabilitation and regaining certain psychological or physical functions. Like most of our services, the goal of this type of therapy is to help our users become more independent in their everyday activities and allow them to rejoin their families and society, to not depend on outside help and to also master new skills in order for a better overall life quality.

As the result of years of experience in aiding and caring for the elderly persons and supporting their families, we have opened a Rea Luks center for family support and education in our institution. Here, experts from various profiles work to systematically solve all life difficulties faced by our users and their family. It is our goal to educate the public on the importance of mental health, healthy and functional relationships in the family and other difficulties that old age brings with itself which affect not only the users themselves but their loved ones as well. With a special focus on problems resulting from dementia, our professional team gathers psychologists, defectologists, andragogues and social workers who are all very experienced in providing support, help and advice to our users and their families.

As a very important element of a happy and high quality life, social life at our institution has an important role and consists of various activities such as: picnics, celebrations, walks, gardening, competitions and various other activities. We also have all sorts of social games like chess, dominoes, puzzles and activities like knitting, sewing, embroidering, reading... we also regularly organize various theme nights: music, folklore, dance, movie and we cooperate with local kindergartens and organize spending time with children and entertainment by animators with all due respect of the age and intellectual capacities as well as individual affinities of our users.


If you are interested in entering our institution you will need the following documents:
- Valid personal ID
- Certified health ID
- Medical records

If you are interested in becoming our employee, send us your work resume.

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