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Address: 2 Sredacka st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/3448-044, 3448-045

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Dear friends, associates, contributors, donors and all people of good will, welcome to visit the site ... THE CIRCLE, an organization that since 1997 has implied that the social problem exists of violence, abuse and discrimination against girls and women with disabilities. Equal status of women with disabilities in society and the elimination of all forms of violence against them is the vision ... the circle. Slogan Everything is in your hands means empowering women with disabilities to take control of their life. Mission ... Out of Circle Improving the social status of women with disabilities in Serbia and the realization of human rights to live free of violence and discrimination. Objectives ... Out of Circle - Support and empowerment of women and children with disabilities and their families in situations of violence and discrimination; - Raising public awareness on the status and needs of women with disabilities; - Protecting the rights of women with disabilities.