Humanitarian organizations Belgrade

Address: nn Veliki Popovac st., 12300 Petrovac na Mlavi
Belgrade Phone: 065/2851-328

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Since year 2004, People in Need began work in Serbia on the process of de-institutionalizing and activities related to it. Year 2014 we started the project "Let's Begin Life" a pilot for de-institutionalizing persons with intellectual development difficulties from the Veliki Popovac institution which tries to contribute to social inclusion of intellectually disabled individuals in Serbia and the development of services in the community for these people through a sustainable social integration.

As the result of our project we've opened two homes for 'housing with support' and one that is 'halfway inbetween'. Twenty users of the institution have so far moved into this house and have been given support to integrate them in the local community. During the project we've have several instances of education, led by Czech experts who cooperate with CPT and the education from the Serbian NVO>

The People in Need organization tries to help people who are having problems caused by ill happenings and armed conflicts, we support the fight against ignorance and poverty and offer support for the local development of the civil society and principles of proper management. We help people affirm their freedom and suppress discrimination, as well as promote human rights principles and build a healthy and friendly relationship with the environment. We promote the idea of human solidarity and common responsibility on a social level.