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The Belgrade Paraplegic Society is a humanitarian invalid organization of social character which gathers its members in order to successfully treat, rehabilitate, take social care, provide orthopedic help devices, hold athletic and cultural-artistic manifestations, educate and employ. The Belgrade Paraplegic Society was founded on November 25th, 1986, and represents the largest and only professional organization of paraplegics in Serbia and Yugoslavia. Currently, the Belgrade Paraplegic Society has 420 members. Besides regular members, the Society has also help members. The Society\'s organs are the Parliament, Board of directors and Supervisory board. The Society has also its own Sport society UPB \"BEOFENIKS\" as a special company registered at the Ministry of Sport of the Republic of Serbia. Within the society there are following clubs: wheel-chair basketball, chess, tennis, archery, athletics and motoring. Our athletes have successfully taken part on domestic and international competitions. The Belgrade Paraplegic Society is the founder of the Company for professional rehabilitation and employing of invalids \"BEOFENIKS\", which works based on a protection workshop principle. The company deals with publishing activity and trade. Among the members of the Belgrade Paraplegic Society are professional writers (members of the Writers association of Serbia), journalists, academic painters, musicians, engineers, lawyers, pilots, economists and top athletes. The Belgrade Paraplegic Society if financed through the City secretariat for child and social protection of the Ministry of labor, employment and social politics, from donations, memberships, voluntary contributions, humanitarian help and own activities (concert organizing, auctions etc.). The Belgrade Paraplegic Society wants to develop cooperation with connected societies and non-government organizations in the country and abroad.