Kids playgrounds Belgrade

Address: 18 Stojana Novakovica st., Palilula // 21 Hadzi Ruvimova st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2761-204, 064/127-78-43 // 011/3448-333, 062/157-8522

4/ 5stars

Working hours: 7AM - 6PM

One of the first private kindergartens in Belgrade!
We began work in 1994.+
For children aged 1 - preschool.


- Our programs were accredited by the ministry of education
- Mensa program
- School preparation program
- English workshops once a week, 60mins
- French workshops once a week
- Music, ballet, chess, acting
- Everyday physical education activities
- Aikido
- Theater every month


- Our new branch P.U. Studio for children Zmaj 2 in Vracar

English-language kindergarden for children aged 5 - preschool.

Extended stay for schoolchildren from I-IV grade

Chinese language and calligraphy.

We encourage:

- Intellectual development
- Motor skill development
- Emotional development
- Social development

We contribute to:

- Better experience for children
- Meeting children's needs
- Acquiring various skills and knowledge
- Communication development
- Creativity 

Our institution is suited to the children's age and needs. In addition to our work and play areas the children can also use our large yard adjusted to their needs.