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Kindergartens Belgrade
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"The child is its own builder"

Staying in Bubamarica includes complete care and care for the children. Emphasis is placed on developing children's individual potential through learning and play. Creativity and creative expression are reflected in the activity of drawing, sculpture, theater and puppet shows and many other activities. In this paper, we use mainly natural materials such as sand, water, land, and so on.
Upbringing and educational work is organized into small groups that are not homogenous by age, because we believe that children learn best from each other and there is an opportunity to help the young and older vice versa. Our education program is primarily based on learning through play, which is stimulating and flexible enough to allow the individual development of the child, and enough content to stimulate cognitive development and self-discipline.
Bubamarica program is divided by the weekly and monthly theme units. Every day is a mixture of organized physical activities, games and learning through play. Guided by the fact that every child is an individual for themselves, we are particularly committed to working with individual children.

The children's home "Bubamarica" we offer half-day children, which includes all required educational activities are carried on in that period. Half-day involves working with children ages 1 to 7 years. The time children spend in this type of stay is 4 to 5 hours according to the needs and wishes of the parents. During this time, children have a meal and a snack.

Full-day stay
The children's home "Bubamarica" we offer all-day stay of children aged 1 to 7 years. The time children spend in this type of room is from 6 to 10 hours. During this time, children have two meals and two snacks. Children are involved in the overall operation of the educational institution.

Babysitting in the evening
"Bubamarica" also offers child care for a period of 19 to 24 hours, and if necessary it is possible to overnight children.

Child in day / hour / weekends
Given the large number of parenting or inability to pay their monthly children, we predicted the possibility of their children on the day or hour (hour)

We organize birthday parties and celebrations for our boys and girls. In our childrens home entertainers will make it the best day of our children pass unforgettable. According to the agreement, we can provide food, drinks, cake and other supporting equipment. In accordance with your needs and wishes will be established price.

Creative Workshops
For Our Children "Bubamarica" organizes a multitude of creative workshops. Children have the opportunity to, in accordance with their interests and abilities choose and create different types of workshops. We anticipate some of them, such as art, drama, psychology, music, sports, bubamaricin etiquette, the world around us, traditional children's games, and we left the room and our children to realize their ideas.

School of parenting
Once a month we organize workshops for parents that discuss the life and environment of our children. Through sharing experiences with other parents, and expert advice from educators, teachers, together we will work towards establishing a wealthier and fairer relations between parent and child.

School of English
For our children, we predicted the possibility of attending English classes. Learning method is adapted for children of different ages. Holds classes graduated philologist who has experience in working with children.

Hopscotch Sports
Once a week in our kindergarten occur sports. Through sports games children learn self-discipline, responsibility, teamwork and develop sportsmanship.

Hopscotch dance
Hopscotch dance is another way for children to engage in physical activity. Through dance pursued that children develop self-confidence, sense of rhythm, movement, dynamics, music, public speaking. Takes dance lessons and a longtime member of the first soloist of the Ensemble of Folk Dances and Songs of AA's "Ivo Lola Ribar".