Laboratories Belgrade

Address: 2 Dobanovacki put st., Zemun-Altina
Belgrade Phone: 011/770-3180, 064/9023-902

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Standing users have additional discounts over MEDIALTA CARD.

SATURDAY - LOWER PRICES FOR thyroid hormones and PSA and free PSA tumor markers.

You can also, if necessary, seek immediate analysis within 30 to 60 minutes.

For business users-businesses, we provide the extra DISCOUNT FOR SYSTEMATIC LABORATORY TESTS employees.

WEDNESDAY PREVENTIVE favorable for pensioners, pregnant women, children and women.

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How are we different

We strive to provide customer service in the shortest time and with less stress give a sample for analysis. When sampling always use the best material.

You will receive on demand and free consultations from specialists in medical biochemistry.

Any questions or requests will be considered with great care.

Constant contact with our customers to enable a timely and efficient way to do the laboratory diagnosis.

We are COMPREHENSIVE LABORATORY for analysis and not just point sampling.

URGENT ANALYSIS (for 30-60 minutes)

If necessary, you can ask for emergency laboratory analysis and within 30 to 60 minutes to get the results for the following analyzes:

- Blood test results
- Urine
- Fibrinogen
- Blood Sugar Sandra Cuk
Specialist Medical Biochemistry

At each visit you will feel that we care to get the best possible service.


Working time:

Monday-Friday 07-19
Saturday 07-15
Sunday 08-12

Address: 2 Dobanovacki road Altina- Zemun
Bus Transportation: 81L, 81 and 707 - station at the entrance to Altino.

Phone, mail, site:

t: +381 steer 11 770 3 180
m: +381 64 902 3 902 ">e:">with