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Lebanese cuisine Belgrade
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Merak kitchen – new definition of enjoyment


Belgrade is already used to having the highest quality restaurants at Beton hall. Last night a new restaurant opened in the bank of Sava river called “Café Lavash” and offered a unique experience that launched its visitors into a new sphere of hedonism, straight to what we in Serbia call “merak” (ultimate enjoyment). Surely all fans of tucked away oasis will enjoy our beautiful ambiance that brings together the charm of Belgrade with the spirit of the Middle East. The innovative interior design at Café Lavash brings together the spirit of tradition with modern aesthetics in a sophisticated manner unique to studio “Autoban” from Istanbul, one of the most decorated European design studios.

The menu we offer at our restaurant will provide your senses with a unique combination of Balkan, Middle East and Indian flavors interpreted in a whole new way that will change how you look at food in general.

“We opened our restaurant with the desire to offer a modern way to enjoy Balkan tradition. The place where you will be able to enjoy traidtional sounds while you enjoy both our national cuisine as well as specialties from Turkey, Middle East, prepared in a unique way.” says Biljana Frlog, the marketing and PR manager of Café Lavash, adding: “The word Lavash comes from Armenia and describes a kind of thin flatbread made out of wheat flour. This little bread is the staple of many countries’ cuisines and each of them has added something unique to the recipe. In many of these countries the main attraction are women dressed in beautiful national garb preparing this type of bread in front of an audience.”

At our offer we also have unconventional dishes such as Mevala – ground lamb and beef with Pirot cheese, Kibbeh Nayyeh, the Lebanese tartar made of beef fillet, bulgur wheat, fresh naan, spicy peppers, red onions and truffle oil. The hedonistic experience is completed by all kinds of cevap from our country and dishes we all know well.

Our restaurant takes pride with a large selection of beers that will satisfy even the most selective lovers of this drink. We offer all the brands you know and love but also many ‘craft’ beers that will delight you with new aromas and flavors.

The blend of simple ingredients such as good food and music has created an authentic atmosphere of Balkans and Orient that this place has. Our gastronomic trip to the East is completed by World music sounds which is a specific mixture of traditional and modern musical expression, music that has roots all around the world and belongs to us all and which grew from the influence of jazz, pop and classical music of the 20th century. 

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