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Company Blue Stone works in creating printed concrete as well as selling complete imported materials for which we own all the required European certificates. During our years of successful work we have gained the trust of many clients, primarily thanks to our professional and efficient services, reliable product quality, fair and attractive prices and respecting our contract obligations. As of 2017, our company Blue Stone Belgrade also offers the following services:

- Making printed concrete
- Molds for printed concrete
- Selling full imported materials
- Decorative stone
- Industrial floors – Fero concrete
- Preparing the construction field and breaking up concrete
- Printed wall
- Regular concrete
- Overlay systems
- Water taps, planters and fountains
- Pots made out of printed concrete
- 3D panels
- Deco inex
- Artificial rocks
- Sap-based rubble
- Micro-topping

Printed concrete is an architectural type of concrete you get by printing on fresh concrete. It is used for paving and layering on surfaces. What sets printed concrete apart from others is its excellent durability, stability and resilience to various climate influences and heavy traffic. It’s easy to layer over the old concrete, asphalt or any other hard surface and it can also endure a weight of over 40 tons. Thanks to the unique principle of printing, we have unlimited possibilities when it comes to experimenting with colors and textures. Blue Stone printed concrete is characterized by colors and decoration that you can use to enrich your interior and exterior. The shades of printing are reliable and don’t change in time and no additional maintenance is required.

Also, our printed concrete doesn’t slip on up to 17% inclinations. In addition to printed concrete in our offer, we have a printed wall that represents the ideal solution for facades, rock and walls, fences and poles and the like. Our materials for processing vertical surfaces is unique in our market and has a degree of hardness 4 times higher than concrete. It is available in all colors. Application can be done by hand or machine, while applying whichever mould you prefer. Another service available from our company Blue Stone is applying concrete in halls, garages, yards ... normal reinforced concrete. In our work we use the highest quality materials which guarantees for swift and speedy work.

We also lay down industrial floors (fero concrete). If you would like to decorate your objects in the latest style, we recommend our decorative rock which will achieve a visually stunning effect. Blue Stone decorative rock is a high quality, resilient, long-lasting and realistic material that resembles real rock but is much cheaper to maintain. Seeing how it is very light, it’s simple to set up on any surface, during which very little material is lost. In our offer we have a great selection of models and colors of the decorative stone. Our company “Blue Stone” presents to you a unique material for processing floor and wall surfaces. Our overlay system is the only one in the market that has a hardness degree over 5 times greater than concrete. It is a non water-permissible material that’s applied to a hard and solid surface in layers of 5-6mm, such as: tiles, glass, OSB panels and the like. After setup, the material is covered with a strong protective varnish SPS100. For a beautiful garden or yard, our Blue Stone company has pots made out of printed concrete.

In addition to high degree of hardness, these pots are characterized by beautiful design and come in any color our client wants. We also make water fountains, fountains and other concrete items with a suitable warranty.