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Office material and equipment Belgrade
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Monday 06:00 - 16:00
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  • Bus: 83, E1
  • Trolley: 19 21, 22, 29

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-Your success in business and management was dizzying or perhaps you have built gradually during years? Did you take care about personal image? Of course, this is something that makes businessmen a man of high standings - perfectly cut out suit, carefully picked tie, brief case and a smile on face. But, looks is not everything. Do you wonder sometimes how your office does looks and what impression does it leave on your business partners? If perhaps, you are not satisfied with its look or you wish to change MAXX-OFFICE is available with its sale assortment: AMOR, LACO, BENE, PELIKAN, HERMA, EDDING and LEGAMASTER. Those are German, Austrian and French companies, all in business for many years- one should never doubt quality of production, material or design. - As every successful manager you should take care about employees whose efficiency and satisfaction are surely best index of your organizational and managing abilities. Enables them to use modern and quality office material of Austrian producer BENE and German one LACO. From theirs assortments MAXX-OFFICE offers you bench presses, scissors, pillows and colors for stamps, classers, maps, folders, document's shelves... All products we offer are in wide color palette and you will sure find the one that suits you.
ARMOR - French producer of spending material for computer printers. Factory was founded in 1922 in Nantes and during years it grows into multinational company. By number of produced ink-jets and laser cartridge a year, it is biggest producer in Europe. Amor is one of rear producers for products selling under its name.
PELIKAN - Name Pelikan was registered in 1878. Production of colors, inks and similar products was business orientation of Pelikan, but today it is affirmative producer of exclusive writing outfit, school outfit of high quality as well as products for wide office use...
HERMA - One of world leaders in are of products from adhesive paper with tradition from 1906. This German trademark lately is attached to label application on computer printers. Herma is also innovator in all relative areas for adhesive materials. EDDING - German producer at the moment sacred on European market, when markers are in question. Since 1960 when EDDING made first permanent marker in the world, they were always one step in front of competition in this area. Market recognition of EDDING in Germany is 95 %.