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The Ophthalmology clinic Bogdanovic offers complete diagnostics and examinations in all areas of ophthalmology for children and adults. We especially specialize for working with the youngest patients with the use of the highest quality latest equipment that’s fully adjusted to children.

What sets us apart from others is the possibility of performing a full checkup at your home.

The owner and founder of our clinic is Dr Marija Bogdanovic who has years of experience working with children in the children’s ward of a renown state institution as well as at a large private ophthalmology clinic “Sveti vid”. Within our clinic we have specially equipped cabinets for children, for glaucoma, for ultrasound and for eyesight lenses (fitting soft, spherical and thorical lenses as well as RGP lenses).

The Ophthalmology clinic Bogdanovic offers you the following services:

- Diagnostics
- Ultrasound
- Computerized field of vision
- Children’s ophthalmology: treating all childhood conditions, strabism, systematic checkup for children before starting school, nearsightedness
- Full treatment of the frontal and back eye segment
- Treating and monitoring patients suffering from diabetes and hypertension
- Treating glaucoma
- Monitoring and treating cataracts
- Treatment at your home
- Emergency treatments

Children are the most vulnerable part of our population, so it’s good to begin preventative examinations as early as possible to detect any possible vision issues as soon as they appear. Based on years of experience working with children, the ophthalmology clinic Bogdanovic offers all types of examinations for children from childhood to teenage years. Our youngest patients have their own specially equipped cabinet which has high quality equipment that’s fully adjusted to their needs. We also offer the parents of our school kids a full systematic examination of their children before starting school at very affordable prices.

In addition to the services we offer your youngest family members, our clinic also offers checkups and examinations for adults. Thanks to the fact that we use the highest quality modern ophthalmology equipment and tools, we are able to provide the best and most complete possible diagnostics and precise eyesight checkup. We also offer consultation checkups. For all those who are unable to come to our clinic in Cukarica we can also perform checkups at your address thanks to the highest quality state of the art transportable equipment that allows for full diagnostics. We are also capable to provide all types of emergency interventions on the field in case of eye injuries or other situations.