Physical medicine Belgrade

Address: 37 Vladimira Tomanovica st., Konjarnik
Belgrade Phone: 011/347-02-27, 064/244-87-21

4/ 5stars

Physical therapy and rehabilitation ambulance.

Working hours:

Mon-Fri: 12PM - 8PM

Our ambulance began work in 1994. We are located in a peaceful area with plenty of parking spots outside the zone. We are a family company with years of experience, here to help you resolve various bone-joint and neuromuscular issues. Members of our family include Mr. Slobodan Brankovic, experienced physical therapist for FC Partisan for years as well as Serbia's football representation and Srdjan Brankovic, the physical therapist for our junior representation, the world champions of 2015.

Our most frequent diagnosis include:

- Back and neck pains (discus hernia, neuralgia, spondilosis...)

- Athletic and classic injuries (sprains, dislocations, fractures, ruptures and others)

- Calcification (heel, shoulder, elbow), tendon inflammation and similar issues.

In our work we utilize:

- Electrotherapy

- Laser therapy (high and low intensity)

- Magnetic therapy

- Ultrasound therapy

- WaDiT machine

- Manual and machine massage (general, athletic, relax, lymphatic drainage)

- Kinetic therapy

- Traction

- Shock wave therapy

- T-care