334 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st., Zvezdara
You have problems with clogged sanitary pipes, problems with waterworks in your home or company? You need reliable, precise and efficient plumber? WE ARE HERE! We unclog and cle ...
174 Kumodraska st., Vozdovac
Services we offer - installing batteries, cisterns, valves, boilers and complete installation of bathrooms and kitchens. Unclogging! Price negotiable.
27z Trise Kaclerovica st., Vozdovac
Santermo Ltd.The company is engaged in the sale and installation of electrical and plumbing materials.In addition, you can also find furniture casting, screw goods and sanitary fit ...
Vinogradska 37L, Novi Beograd
Plumbing shop Vrga Mil is there for you if you're looking for unclogging your kitchen sinks, tubs, sinks, or verticals.We do all kinds of repairs in the bathroom and kitchen and a ...
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