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Years of experience, modern equipment, affordable prices, and thousands of satisfied clients are just some of the reasons for the successful business for AQUA SPEED. The main driving force behind our company are our employees, trained professionals with extensive experience and expertise. In addition to the expertise we are equipped with modern machines and tools to successfully obavljamao: - Unclogging sewer - Take water pipes - Set the plumbing - Replacement of plumbing - Trouble shooting on the water installation - Troubleshooting the installation of sewage
A skilled and well-coordinated team "AQUA SPEED" at your service 24 hours. If you have any water damage to your equipment, installations or sewage, call us. Arrive at the address as soon as possible. When you start in the flat all to swim and blue then you know "AQUA SPEED" your choice is right!
"AQUA SPEED" provides the following services: Complete design for your space (from conceptual design to implementation, on a turn-key) Solve your dilemmas and concerns on the site (comments and suggestions on the fields of design, projects and solutions) Unclogging sewer machines, high pressure (unclogging sewer - vertical and horizontal lines, unclogging the sink and toilet) Recording sewer special cameras (vertical and horizontal drainage) Set plumbing Connect plumbing Plumbing works (repairs and replacements: water heaters, batteries, toilet tank, valves, tub, toilet) Installation of sanitary elements Why choose us: Experienced and skilled craftsmen The most modern equipment Flexibility The quality and guarantee for completed works Respect your time Fast response to customer demand


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