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Digital printing Instant System seated in Belgrade is located at 33 Charlie Chaplin street.

Our contact numbers are: +381 11 4078 204, +381 11 4078 205, +381 64 11025 95

We have been providing successful graphics services for over a decade which is best shown by how many influential names put their trust in us as our clients: Aroma markets, Book Bridge, Children’s summer camps center, Distillery Zaric, IK Clio, IK Evoluta, IK Hera edu, Foundation Andrejevic, Immuno systems, Proton honey, Providens; as well as many foreign clients such as – ASSUS, Advantix LTD, ERM...

We offer a broad selection of graphical services tied to digital printing of small and large format and offset printing such as catalogues, brochures, leaflets, posters, other advertisement and marketing materials, pictures, personalized printing material. The system “book on demand”, printing books per order is interesting to publishers because it eliminates the need for keeping stock and having unsold copies. We support authors themselves who would like to publish books in “samizdat” production, meaning to self-publish.

We would especially like to point out our object branding services – from idea to montage. We are able to fully “process” our clients’ demands – from shaping their idea to preparing for printing, producing materials (printing in various foils, POS materials) to setup at the desired location.

Our color production is realized using machine brand: Konica Minolta KM1085 and large format printing is done on the plotter type MUTOH VJ 1624 with solvent dyes that are reliable in exterior conditions as well. Our black and white printing system is Konica Minolta KM1052.

We are prepared to answer the specific demands that relate to the selection of materials, finishing works and respecting the agreed upon times of completion in order to keep our offer in accordance with the style and manner of business of your company.