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PhD. med. Slavoljub-Sasa Djurdjic, psychiatrist.

Best areas of expertise:
- Agoraphobia with panic attacks, social phobia, a compulsive neurosis, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder.

METHOD OF TREATMENT - Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy combined with psychotropic medication (when necessary).

VOCATIONAL TRAINING - PhD at Michigan State University (Michigan State University, USA). PhD Topic: psychophysical studies of anxiety (fear) and attention socially anxious people. Within the doctoral (PhD) studies at Michigan got training in cognitive-bihevioral therapy that now used in clinical practice.

EMPLOYMENT - Previous jobs: Head of Centre for panic-phobic disorders, Psychiatric Clinic, University Clinical Center, Belgrade 1989-1993 Head of day care for the neurosis of the Institute of Mental Health, Belgrade 1993-1994 Head of day care for the neuroses, the Institute of Psychiatry, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade 1994-1997 Consultancy and other similar activities 1984th. Michigan State University’s proposal included in the series "Men of Achievement“ by the Cambridge Biographical Centre, England. He participated with papers in several psychiatric and psychological conferences and seminars in the country and abroad (Athens, Paris, Toronto, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, etc.), including world psychiatric congress. At World Psychiatric Congress in Rio de Janeiro 1993rd his work "Agoraphobia with panic attacks and depression" was selected by the Editorial Board of the World Psychiatric Association to be among the 20% of all presented papers printed in full in a separate edition of the World Psychiatric Association. He has published several papers in the field of cognitive-bihevioral therapy, fear, depression and psycho-physiological studies at home and abroad. Conducted training in the field of cognitive-bihevioral therapy in Belgrade, Nis, Zagreb and Ljubljana. At the Medical Faculty in Belgrade he lectured cognitive-bihevior therapy to the specialists in psychiatry. Many years of clinical practice in the treatment of neurological disorders (fear, depression).