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Radiology Belgrade
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Works 24h Open on Sundays Going out into the field

Our specialized clinic “MEDICUS IN” is located near the Zvezdara health center as well as near the Kralja Aleksandra boulevard and Cvetko’s marketplace. The location can be easily reached from any part of the city as well as suitable parking spots for all who come to a have an examination.

Our clinic has an entrance from the street so that persons using wheelchairs can also easily reach us.

Clinic “MEDICUS IN” provides the following medical examinations and services:
- All specialized examinations at the clinic and in home conditions:
* Cardiology
* Pulmology
* Endocrinology
* Gastroenterology
* Nephrology
* Rheumatology
And other fields of medicine.

- Overall diagnostics at our clinic and in home conditions
* Ultrasound heart examination
* Ultrasound stomach, pelvis, thyroid gland, breast, joints, muscles and other examinations
* Blood vessel Doppler for the neck, arms, legs, transcranial area and other parts of the body
* Spyrometry, pulse oximetry, dilation test and others
* ECG, holters, blood pressure ECG and others

- Full therapy procedures also at our clinic and in home conditions
* Infusion therapy
* Inhalation therapy
* Oxygen therapy
* Muscular therapy

The prices of our examinations and services are adjusted to the conditions that our people live in currently, while home examinations, diagnostics and treatment in home conditions for Zvezdara, Vracar, Vozdovac and Mirijevo are only slightly higher than if you came to our clinic.

The working hours of our clinic is 24h, including weekends when our associates come per call.

You can also consult with our doctors and nurses for free via phone between 9AM and 8PM.

Examinations must be scheduled and it’s usually possible to schedule them for the same day unless there need to be certain preparations for diagnostics.