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The company "Moj Kvadrat" ltd. from Belgrade began work many years ago as a consulting agency in the domain of commercial real-estate for known clients. We have decades of work experience behind us, working with various national and international companies on various projects in the real-estate domain. By developing the business and expanding the network of clients as well as coordinating it with the legal regulations, the company "Moj Kvadrat" manages to take more and more important positions in the domain of real-estate market. By following the elementary principles of professional and ethical conduct and oriented towards a win-win approach to negotiation, we do our best to build and preserve the image of reliable partners with our clients.

In order to work this way, we require hard-working, ambitious and composed personnel with knowledge and experience in this domain.

The seat of our company is located in the center of Belgrade.

About us

The company "Moj Kvadrat" ltd. works in intermediation in the domain of real-estate. Our specialty includes renting out space in Belgrade and our full offer can be seen at our website.

Who are we?

The company "Moj Kvadrat" ltd. from Belgrade was founded years ago by serious and successful people who had immense life and business experience in the domain of real-estate intermediation. From the very beginning they developed a business concept in which the transaction is only considered successful when all three parties - the seller, buyer and intermediator - are completely satisfied. This is our mission that we continue to pursue to this date.

Where do we operate?

With gratitude to the many generations of our fellow Belgraders who built this city and our homeland, we now work to give something back and improve upon what they built. We give our thanks to all known and unknown builders, benefactors and founders who put their efforts into leaving something behind for the future generation despite our country's tumulus history. The employees at "Moj Kvadrat" as well as friends of our company are successful, self-driven people who will do all their best to make sure our city is a bit better every single day. If nothing else, a flower, a smile and a 'Hello neighbor" will make us all feel much better.

How it all began!

Belgrade real-estate market began to liven up at the start of the 90's when there were mass purchases of apartments that used to be owned by the state and the users of those apartments were the so-called resident rights-bearers. Since the state permitted the purchases at very low prices, the owners could obtain significant funds by selling them on the free market.

The real-estate prices then and up until the end of the first decade of the century mostly went up which was caused the influx of exiled Serbs from former Yugoslavia and eventually from Kosovo and Metohija. Contributing to the constant price increase was also caused by Serbia becoming more open towards the rest of the world as well as economic growth both globally and nationally.

With the real-estate market crash in USA which quickly expanded to the rest of the world and was caused by unsustainable business practices of the largest American banks which sold non-solid, high risk mortgage credit around the world, there was also a massive price plummet in the national market as well starting at 2008. It is estimated that the real-estate prices fell by up to 40% and that this trend is far from over. Many who today are selling the real-estate that they bought five or ten years ago, are doing so at a loss. While there used to be a time during the growth when buyers would purchase property knowing that its value would go up, now it's completely different because you work with knowing that what you buy today may be worth much less tomorrow. Today, in 2018, the market has been completely stabilized with realistic market prices with a slight growth tendency which is prognosticated to continue in the future.

What do we do?

The members of the "Moj Kvadrat" company are there to contribute with their experience to make sure that all buyers and sellers obtain valid and factual information about the risks and trends involve in real-estate at the moment, what is realistic and what is possible and which offer should be accepted or waited on.

"Moj Kvadrat" company works with all relevant state institutions and all important banks in our market. Our clients include the largest global and national companies, popular brands, media houses etc. We successfully cooperate with our colleagues and all national and international intermediators, but our priority clients are usually the little people and we are always excited to make them happy.