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Company Moj Kvadrat d.o.o. from Belgrade started its operations several years ago as a consulting agency in the field of commercial real estate for prominent clients. We have decades of experience working with distinguished domestic and international companies in Real Estate. Through business development, expanding our client network, and aligning with legal regulations, Moj Kvadrat has successfully established itself as a significant player in the real estate brokerage sector. Following fundamental principles of professional and ethical behavior, committed to the win-win negotiation principle, we strive to build and maintain the reputation of reliable partners for our clients.
To achieve this, we seek diligent, ambitious, and knowledgeable individuals with experience in this field.
Our headquarters are located in downtown Belgrade.

About Us

Moj Kvadrat d.o.o. specializes in real estate brokerage.
Our specialty lies in leasing commercial spaces in Belgrade, and you can view our complete offerings on our website.

Who Are We?

Moj Kvadrat d.o.o. Belgrade was founded several years ago by serious and successful individuals with extensive life and business experience in real estate brokerage. From the outset, we have operated under the business concept that a transaction is successful only when all three parties—the buyer, seller, and broker—are completely satisfied. This mission has guided us throughout the years.

Where Do We Operate?

We are grateful to all the generations of our fellow citizens who have built this city and our entire homeland. To all known and unknown builders, benefactors, founders, philanthropists, ordinary and extraordinary people who have contributed so that something remains to us despite all wars and sufferings. Now it is up to us, our generation, to enhance, beautify, and improve upon what they have left us. The employees and friends of Moj Kvadrat, comprising successful and dedicated individuals, will do everything in their power to make our city a little better every day. Even if it's just a flower, a smile, and a simple "Good morning neighbor," it will make us all feel much, much better.

How It Began!

The Belgrade real estate market revived in the early 1990s when there was a mass purchase of apartments that had previously been mostly in social ownership, with occupants holding tenant rights. Since the state allowed purchases at unrealistically low prices, new owners had the opportunity to either gain significant resources through sales on the free market or, in another way, compete in the market to meet their housing and other needs.

Property prices rose steadily from then until the end of the first decade of this century, largely due to the influx of a larger number of displaced Serbian population from the territories of the former Yugoslav republics, and ultimately from the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija. Serbia's opening to the world and economic growth, both globally and domestically, also contributed to the constant rise in prices.

With the collapse of the real estate market in the USA, which quickly spread to the rest of the world, caused by speculative business practices of major American banks selling high-risk mortgage loans worldwide as top-quality banking derivatives, from mid-2008, there was a steep drop in prices in the domestic market. It is estimated that property prices fell by approximately 40% since then, and this trend does not yet seem to be ending. Many who are selling properties bought five or ten years ago may be facing losses. While buyers once rubbed their hands in satisfaction watching property prices rise month by month during growth periods, today's property buyers are more cautious, knowing that what they buy now may be worth less tomorrow (market conditions from 2008 to 2016).
Today, in 2018, the market is completely stabilized with realistic market prices showing a mild upward trend, which, according to forecasts, will continue in the coming period.

What Do We Do?

Members of Moj Kvadrat are here to use their experience to ensure that all participants in transactions, whether buyers or sellers, receive valid and verified information about the risks and trends in property transactions, what is realistic and what is possible, as well as what to accept and what to potentially wait for.

Moj Kvadrat operates with all relevant state institutions and all significant banks in our market. Our clients include major global and domestic firms, popular brands, media houses, etc. We successfully collaborate with colleagues, both domestic and foreign intermediaries, but our most important clients are ordinary people, and we are happiest when we can make them happy.