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Address: 84C Zrenjaninski put st
Belgrade Phone: tel: 011/208-5950, 208-5951, 271-0479, (fax). 271-0348

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Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH was founded in 1947 and is dealing with development and production of professional machines for dishwashing. Production sections are in Germany and Switzerland. Since 1997 branch of Winterhalter Gastronom Yu was opened in our country.
Specialized production program makes: machines for washing glasses, silverware, dishes, black dishes, baking pans and kitchen equipment, apparatus for softening and demineralization of water, and detergent for washing and rinsing dishes. Winterhalter offers complete system starting from preparing water with perfect technology machines with supplements tools to remedies for washing and rinsing. We offer to our buyers high quality, professional service and expert help, quality service and maintenance.
We deliver. Clean dishes are the only thing we can guarantee. Winterhalter machines characterize modern technology solutions, easy and simple handling with tasters and display, savings in water consumption, electricity and washing liquids. Absolute dish and silverware hygiene, bacteriological correct big washing capacity. They can fit in any expanse.
Service and maintenance: short time of response, available seven days a week. Mobile and equipped with all spare parts. Quick help because of mistake diagnostic on display.