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Restaurant equipment Belgrade
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There is even a company with a clear vision of what will happen in the market catering equipment. With extensive experience in designing and equipping of all types of restaurants and a really great network of satisfied customers and partners can be immodest to say that they have the best answer to all questions and doubts of its customers

Time is our greatest ally, because it confirms that you always give solutions in the long run

Spent time on the market confirmed the importance of a vision, performance, quality and determine the future of the company ZAK.

ZAK is designed as a versatile company in the design and equipping of all types of restaurants. The main indicator of the status of the catering equipment market.
Many partners from home and abroad, highly trained and quality staff are the guarantee of a successful business.

Reference list of partners is impressive and we are proud of her, one who works with ZAK-om, still operates. All of our customers and consumers remain loyal partners ZAK-a, which is highly valued and cherished. This is achieved by accountability, quality, deadlines, cost, maintenance and constant support, which guarantees the right choice for ŽAK cooperation.

There is even with their customers:
- From Idea to quality and optimal solutions and implementation that includes all aspects for the successful operation of the equipment user ŽAK
- When selecting the proper equipment, with special emphasis on its racionalost and utilization (thereby achieving significant savings)
- When training personnel to use equipment
- When you need to provide a specialized service, etc..

Contact addresses all clear and open view of what we shared and what we aspire to.

Our advice to caterers in the selection of equipment should opt for the best equipment because she buys one. Therefore should ensure that equipment is well taken that covered servicing and spare parts, because only with a valid and regularly serviced equipment such restaurant can be reached at its peak.

The company ZAK, stands out the reliability and quality that gives every customer. Extensive experience in furnishing hotels, exclusive cafes, bars, pastry shops, restaurants and kitchen inspires confidence and provides security to all customers. Special attention is paid to the very customers, advising and providing conceptual solutions to every customer was satisfied.

The wide range of products from our program can be found all that is a serious caterers need: bars, cooling equipment, high quality cabinets, coffee machines, ice machines, milkshake machines, stoves, grills, fryers, kettles, shopping carts, professional washing machines bowls and dishes, and more. There is a small inventory of attractive appearance and superior quality.

Please note that we are direct importers of Italian espresso coffee ROMCAFFE. In its structure, we have specialized Caffetteria Jacques where you can taste and try the taste ROMCAFFE. We provide catering packs of sugar with the logo of the user.

The company not only deals with the sale of restaurant equipment, but also the service, developing technology solutions and consulting clients. The biggest advantage is its own service that is within the company. We have a rich stock of original spare parts for all equipment that we offer, enabling quick and efficient servicing of equipment in the warranty period, and beyond. Constant improvement of service, customers can enjoy a quality installation, reliable and efficient maintenance staff training.

The company staff ZAK is available to all visitors of the showroom in Hall "Pioneer", where it alone can assure the quality of our company.