Restaurants Belgrade

Address: 5b Bulevar vojvode Bojovica st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/262-8250

4.5/ 5stars

FIRST RAFT-RESTAURANT IN OLD BELGRADE. It has existed since 1988. A restaurant on water which is located under the Kalemegdan fortress at the very inning of Sava into Danube, near the Nebojsa Tower. We offer: Fish soup and sweet-water fish after traditional recopies of the Danube fishermen, as well as see fish prepared on the traditional charcoal grill.
The name VODENICA is because of the interior of the more than 300 years old water-mill, which was used for the building of the restaurant.
On this terrace you will under the fake rain curtain, which protects from high temperatures and mosquitoes, with the sounds of classical and ambiental music, experience the most beautiful sunsets in Belgrade. And in the meantime, from 21h to 01h, the experience will be enrichened by the sounds of a gypsy orchestra!